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Cronjob Not Working

Hey guys,

So, I want to setup a couple cronjobs to run a few bash scripts on my gateways. One being the I then created an export script to take the two files it creates and export it to an FTP server.

Both of my shell scripts can be executed manually but when I try to setup cronjobs, they don't work. I created a user called jobuser to execute these.

[Expert@host]# crontab -u jobuser -l
0 1 1 1-12 * /home/admin/
0 2 1 1-12 * /home/admin/
25 3 * * * /home/admin/

Here you can see I have two schedules, one to run the healthcheck first then to run the export, then I have a third that I was just testing with live to see why or why it isnt working. 

After this I also created a healthjob cron in etc/cron.d and chmod 664 to give it proper permissions.

Referencing How to create a cron job on SecurePlatform OS that runs every minute 

[Expert@host]# cd /etc/cron.d/
[Expert@host]# ls -al
total 24
drwx------ 2 admin root 4096 Feb 16 16:55 .
drwxr-xr-x 47 admin root 12288 Feb 13 08:41 ..
-rw-rw-r--  1 admin root 51 Feb 16 16:55 healthjob
-rw-r--r-- 1 admin root 188 Jan 31 2008 sysstat
[Expert@host]# cat healthjob
56 16 * * * root /home/admin/

When I restart the cron service and tail /var/log/cron I get BAD FILE MODE which just means permission issue as far as I know in the unix. I even chmod to 777 for fun and no luck.

Feb 20 10:50:15 2018 host crond[31840]: (*system*) BAD FILE MODE (/etc/cron.d/healthjob)

I also made sure that both my scripts start with !#bin/bash I've also tried adding -f -x but that isn't recognized

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Cronjob Not Working

You can test your user permissions with runuser command. I created a script that can only be executed by admin UID 0 (kasparsz has the same UID)

[Expert@fw1:0]# runuser -l kasparsz /home/kasparsz/

[Expert@fw1:0]# runuser -l testuser /home/kasparsz/
-bash: /home/kasparsz/ Permission denied

Make sure that role that you have associated with this new user has rights to execute scheduled jobs

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Re: Cronjob Not Working

Kaspars, I ran chmod 777 on both of the scripts I need to run. Every user has access to them. Is there something I'm missing?

[Expert@fw1]# runuser -l jobuser /home/admin/
clish [-d DebugLevel -i -l ExtLck -s -o OutFmt { -c Cmd | -f File }]
-c Cmd ;Single command to execute.
-d N ;Debug Level in which shell should operate.
-f File ;File to load configuration from.
-i ;Ignore cmd failure in batch and continue.
-l ExtLck ;Use the given lock-id.
-o OutFmt ;Output format (pretty, xml, structured).
-s ;Issue 'save' at the end.

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Re: Cronjob Not Working

This means means your job user has wrong shell set. Change it to bash instead of clish. In user settings.

Re: Cronjob Not Working

Thank you, that worked when changing the shell to bash for "jobuser" Missed that part. 


Re: Cronjob Not Working

This is really more of an ‌ question

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Re: Cronjob Not Working

Hello Kyle

Can you please share the export script that you have created? 


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