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ClusterXL OSPF

Hi Team.

I have a question about OSPF work in HA pair (R80.10).

Do I need configure graceful restart or other special settings for seamless failover?

I tested failover scenario and after I disable current active member with clusterxl admin down new active member stopped forwarding traffic because of lack of routing information

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Re: ClusterXL OSPF

As far as I know, you do not need Graceful Restart unless you are using VRRP.

With regular ClusterXL, routing information should sync between cluster members.

The router-id should be configured as the Cluster IP, though.

See also: OSPF on Gaia 

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Re: ClusterXL OSPF

It looks like OSPF synchronization is not working for you. 

It is done on TCP port 2010. You can start troubleshooting with this SK: How to troubleshoot failovers in ClusterXL - Advanced Guide 

Some additional recommendations concerning FW rules you may need to put in place are here: ClusterXL member is "Down" due to Critical device "FIB" Mind this SK is not directly applicable to your case, but the FW rules mentioned there are.

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