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Checkpoint DHCP with option

In some of my smaller remote sites we are using Checkpoint as our DHCP server. I need to enable DHCP option 66 for the voip phones. Checkpoint support sent me to sk92473, but I cant find the right syntax.  In the SK it says to edit he dhcpd.conf in VI. Can I edit it in notepad++ and copy the file back?  Thanks for  the help.


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Re: Checkpoint DHCP with option

We're using ISC DHCPD under the hood, so the standard syntax for that should apply.

Something like this should work: 14.04 - Setting Options 66 and 67 for ISC DHCP Server - Ask Ubuntu 

Provided Notepad++ exports Unix line endings, it should be fine for this task.

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Re: Checkpoint DHCP with option

Thanks for the replay. I will try this on Monday.

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