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Changing ClusterXL from Shared to VMAC

Hi all,


I have a R80.30 ClusterXL that I want to change from Shared to VMAC. However, when I select the option on SMS, the VMAC doesn't seem to get applied and propagated as the VIP is still having the MAC of the active node.


Am I missing anything really obvious here?



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@Tuannnnnnnnn ,

please provide more detailed description of your process to change the VMAC.

Did you install policy after changing in dashboard ? Sometimes a reboot of the nodes helps...

Following How to enable ClusterXL Virtual MAC (VMAC) mode you can check with

"fw ctl get int fwha_vmac_global_param_enabled " and "cphaprob -a if" on the gateways if vmac is enabled.


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