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CPView offload-decision and ISP redundancy

I have the feeling this is FAQ but just couldn't find it...


Not accelerated connections count raises and reason is ISP Redundancy.

ISP Redundancy is Primary/Backup - double checked that.

So, why so and what does this actually mean ?

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Gateway code version?  I'm pretty sure all traffic was eligible for acceleration by SecureXL when ISP Redundancy was in Primary/Backup mode on R80.10 and earlier, but this may have changed with the heavy reworking of SecureXL in R80.20+.


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R80.30 Take 180.

Here is a screenshot:


And SecureXL stats:

# fwaccel stats -s
Accelerated conns/Total conns : 0/15 (0%)
Accelerated pkts/Total pkts : 8758/21487 (40%)
F2Fed pkts/Total pkts : 3971/21487 (18%)
F2V pkts/Total pkts : 683/21487 (3%)
CPASXL pkts/Total pkts : 0/21487 (0%)
PSLXL pkts/Total pkts : 8758/21487 (40%)
QOS inbound pkts/Total pkts : 0/21487 (0%)
QOS outbound pkts/Total pkts : 0/21487 (0%)
Corrected pkts/Total pkts : 0/21487 (0%)

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I just disabled ISP Redundancy and that message no longer appears in CPView.

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I wonder if it is actually a bug and this has something to do with it:

Apr 9 20:41:20 2020 fw-ext clish[6126]: cmd by admin: Start executing : set static-route ... (cmd md5: d9a681c2fde206788a09c94020297c8f)
Apr 9 20:41:20 2020 fw-ext clish[6126]: cmd by admin: Processing : set static-route default nexthop gateway address 213.yy.xx.zz off (cmd md5: d9a681c2fde206788a09c49020297c8f)
Apr 9 20:41:20 2020 fw-ext xpand[7857]: admin localhost t -volatile:clish:admin:6126
Apr 9 20:41:20 2020 fw-ext clish[6126]: User admin finished running clish -c due to an error from CLI shell

That route is for the Backup ISP.

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