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Best Time and £ migration path up from SMART1-5

Hi all, This is my first post here, Essentially I've inherited a now performance staggered solution involving checkpoint 15600 gateways in a HA pair per datacentre (2 of) and a legacy hardware appliance based manager.  A Smart1-5 to manage each DC. to be fair the SMART1-5 used to be used to manage a pair of 4200 series firewalls, but even then policy DB revision creation, rule verify and push were painfully slow. Now their used against the 15600 pairs even more so. (~20 mins)

The forums thoughts on any way of improving this timing in the interim are welcome , but primarily the hardware devices will go end of life this December, so I'm keen for input of thoughts around whether to go up no next most appropriate hardware based manager aligned to 15600 gateways , or opt for a virtual appliance based device and I can give cpu and memory resource from our OOB hypervisor (HYPER-V) HA Cluster.

Time and £ are a constraint, so best options that others have gone through are welcomed.

Thanks in Advance 


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Re: Best Time and £ migration path up from SMART1-5

Unfortunately, there's not a ton you can do to improve Smart-1 5 performance.

It does not meet the minimum requirements to run R80.x either.

That said, you should be able to trade it in either for a newer Smart-1 appliance or Open Server licenses to run on a Virtual Machine. 

Re: Best Time and £ migration path up from SMART1-5

Thanks for your respond Dameon, best I start talks with Checkpoint Sales on that trade-in before it goes EOL in December. Whatever value it currently has id imagine will only decease at that time.

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