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BGP ISP advertise /24



I am considering replacing my cisco routers with a checkpoint to advertise my /24 to each of my ISP providers.  Has anyone every done this?  If so are there any caveats or issues that you have found?





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I preferred use our core router for this matter, it's less load for our checkpoint FW to summarize the LAN or router to ISP's, but you can use WebUI to do this or CLI.

 Our current ver 80.10 t support:

Configuring Inbound Route Filters - Gaia Portal

Configuring Inbound Route Filters - Gaia Clish

Configuring Route Redistribution - Gaia Portal

Configuring Route Redistribution - Gaia Clish

Configuring Route Maps - Gaia Clish (routemap)

Every things found in: Gaia Advanced Routing R80.10 Administration Guide.


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We use our Firewalls for BGP but there's definitely some bugs. The main thing I'm looking forward to is BFD support in R80.20 because I've been told by our ISP it should help our failover time.

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