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Appliance BIOS Updates?

Has anyone ever been required to update the BIOS of their Check Point appliances for any reason?  If so could you share the circumstances that made it necessary?  I've never needed to perform a BIOS update that I can remember.  More info:

sk120915: Check Point Appliances BIOS Firmware versions map

sk128712: Upgrading the BIOS using BIOS Upgrade Tool


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I only remember 1 or 2 times CP had to do a BIOS Update during RAS - so, this is a rather rare thing 😀


In 20+ years at Nokia/Check Point, we put out BIOS updates maybe a few times max.
Don’t recall the exact reasons we’ve had to do so.
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Hi @Timothy_Hall 

I had only one BIOS update in 20+ years. I think it was a 12000 appliance. This was done via TAC Case from Check Point self in a remote session.


Only Check Point knows the BIOS password:-)


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