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Adding vlan on bond

Hi Guys,

We have a cluster XL running on r77.30 

We have to add a new vlan 3000 on bond1 which is currently having two vlans 445 and 2234

so 3000 will be highest vlan

We cant afford failover and we cant disable cluster xl on standby node while creating subinterface 

Can we still do this change directly by first creating subinterface on standby node  and then on active node

Then do changes in policy and install the policy

The goal here is to avoid failover and we cant run below commands to standby

clusterXL_admin down
clusterXL_admin up

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Re: Adding vlan on bond

Why exactly can't you disable ClusterXL on the standby node?

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Re: Adding vlan on bond

Hi, We dont want to lose redundancy at any cost because of SLA 

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Re: Adding vlan on bond

First of all please check how many interfaces are being monitored with command "cphaprob -a if"

If both the interfaces (445 and 2234 ) are being monitored then there is a chance of cluster breaking. Generally if only one interface from respective bond interface is under monitoring then smallest vlan if is preferred.

If Network guys have already configured the L2 vlan across the network then there should not be any issue.