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Secure Configuration Verification

Hello guys!I'm trying to be sure about the features who will help me to enforce the SCV policy to the endpoints.What are the ways to push the SCV policy to the endpoints?1 - Using Mobile blade? (needs to have a license)2 - Using Policy Server to d...

Add bulk computers to a virtual group

I am using Endpoint Security Management and want to add many computers to deployment rules using a virtual group. Is there an easy and fast way to add a list of computers to a virtual group?
yumin_hu inside Remote Access Solutions 6 hours ago
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IPSec VPN encryption domain problem (Star community)

I would like to ask experts a question about the scope of the VPN encryption domain definition.If a branch of a company needs to access the company data center through IPSec VPN, the encryption domains at both ends are defined as: branch = 10.1.5....

ICSinfo.exe for Endpoint scan

Hi Team ,Where I can find ICSinfo tool for scan my endpoint machine .I need XML output which share to Antivirus engineer .
Stacy_Dunn inside Remote Access Solutions 6 hours ago
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VPN Shortcut

Earlier today, I had a user unable to access VPN from their laptop. Their cptrayUI.exe was was not loading, so they did not have the golden padlock icon appear in their task as they are used to. I plan on opening a case concerning the tray not loa...

Cloud Capsule - Multiple instances running causing High CPU !!

Hello,I'm running a Cloud Capsule (CC) and it is setup as when CC is running in the "defined network", It does not get connected (Disconnected) but when outside the "defined network" it does Connected, simple! But on windows 10, I see there a...
Adnan_Pajalic inside SandBlast Agent 11 hours ago
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R77.30 sandblast to new virtual machine

Hello,i have a customer that have r77.30 management server with sandblast.  It is currently running in vmplayer as a virtual machine.We want it to migrate to ESX as a new virtual management center running r77.30.My question is , how much prob...
Vladimir inside Endpoint Security Products Sunday
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EndPoint Management in R80.20

I am trying to figure out if in R80.20+ the function of the Endpoint Management server is now integrated with general Management server and does not require any additional servers. Since I am not very familiar with the EndPoint managment, please l...
sergio inside Remote Access Solutions Saturday
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E80.89 OSX 10.14.3 mojave freezes endpoint client on vpn with Keychain

Hello.I'm about to install E80.89 Endpoint client on osx 10.14.3 mojave. There is an strange behaviour with trying to connect with an external VPN with a certificate existing in my keychain. I can be able to configure the vpn connection, but ...
David_Spencer inside Remote Access Solutions Saturday
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R8010 Custom Mobile VPN clients

We have our Check Point Mobile client for windows fairly locked down. 12 hour session reauthenticates, daily timeouts, no cached credentials, etc. All configured in the global properties. We have some systems that we'd like to utilize these c...

FDE Lockout and Group Policy Conflicts

Are there any Group Policy settings that would prevent the SSO FDE pre-boot lockout from clearing?We have a 5 minute lockout after multiple failed logon attempts but it's not automatically clearing for some people and it doesn't report as locked o...

Endpoint VPN and auto connect

Does the endpoint vpn have a function to auto connect to the gateway once the user brings their client computer home and connect it to the Internet?

Endpoint Security Client with Access Role controlled security policy

We have R80.20 firewalls with R80.20 management and endpoint server.The main security policy on the firewall uses inline rules for content security, which are controlled by Access Roles linked to LDAP groups in the AD. (Works nicely!)All users hav...
Simon_Milhomme inside Remote Access Solutions Wednesday
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Windows 10 Built-in VPN

Hi!Has anyone tried and successfully established a remote access VPN from the Windows 10 built-in client. The client tries IKEv2 and should authenticate with a certificate.I successfully used Capsule VPN with certificate authentication, it uses SS...

10ZiG - Endpoint

Hi,   I have a customer wondering if there is any cases of customers using our endpoint with the 10ZiG platform.   Is there anyone out there?