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When will sandblast agent for Edge browser be available?

I am wondering, from a security standpoint when will we be seeing the sandblast plugin for Edge browser will be released.  Also, maybe related to this: Is Windows 10 considered bleeding edge on the OS side of the end user world?

Thank you in advance for this question I am asked often.


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Can't comment on when we might release a plugin for Edge, but the full SandBlast Agent should work ok with the Edge browser in general.

I still see a fair mix of Windows 7/10 in the customers I observe.


We have the same problem with the microsoft edge browser where the sandblast agent is not installed. Can anyone give us an estimation when this will be implemented or a guide to fix out problem?


We are targeting to have it available towards the end of Q2 or early Q3. This will be largely based on customer feedback we'll receive throughout our early availability program.


Hi Ran,

do you have an update on this?
I found the plugin in Edge-Store, but no information in your official documentation - when will it be available, how to configure/troubleshoot and deploy it?