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WSL loses network connectivity after installation of EPS 81.10

After a recent upgrade to Windows 10 Ver 1903 (Build 18362.267) I have had to upgrade EPS to 81.10 which seems to function well apart from a rather annoying issue.

Ever since installing, all network connectivity from any Linux distribution running on Windows Subsystem for Linux fails and hangs the WSL terminal. I have tested this with multiple distros (Ubuntu/Suse/Pengwin) and they all suffer the same issue so I imagine WSL itself isn't playing well with EPS 81.10. As soon as I remove EPS, it all starts functioning correctly again.

Has anyone else come across this issue?

Note: I have disabled the EPS firewall via policy in case it was interfering somehow but it makes no difference.

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In general, WSL is changing frequently so many AV and FW vendors do not fully support it, see

At this point, WSL is not supported by Endpoint client, see sk159992.
Support for this feature requires an RFE (Request For Enhancement).


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