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Upgrading to EP80.89 requires log schema update, which breaks all clients communication

Greetings, almost a new year...

After upgrading a test client to E80.89 and then realizing I needed to update log schema (sk106662) and then upgrading my console (990003403) for management (R77.30.03), now no clients can communicate with management - all versions show disconnected.  We have mostly E80.82 but some E80.70 and one E80.89.  After 6 hours of troubleshooting with TAC (Ottowa) it has been determined that the problem is with apache httpd:

running this in expert mode: $UEPMDIR/apache22/bin/httpd -d $UEPMDIR/apache22 -k start

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I have been told this problem has never before been observed.  Endpoint client cpinfo has been evaluated and EPCPinfoSRV has been inspected with no problems found.  Please help.

Best regards to the New Year - and to my first problem of 2019.

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