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R80.10 Endpoint Policy Manager

Hi all,

I would like to know what is the estimate on delivery for the latest features available for Endpoint Security, like SBA and Anti-Randsomware, available in R77.30.0x branches, will also be available for R80.10 SMC.

More customers consider Endpoint specially on SBA and AR, but are unconfortable with the idea that they need a new smc just for this.

Also, around this. R80 Smartconsole GUI has a portable flavour, why isn't there a portable version of the "branches" of R77.30.0x causing a lot of conflits with customers using SMC running R77.30 or even worse case for customers using Multi-Domain.

Thank you in advance,

Carlos Santos

Carlos Santos
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Unfortunately, I do not know the exact timeframe for merging of the latest Endpoint features into R80.10 management, but I know it is in the near-term plan.

Hopefully R&D can comment on this.

I'm not sure portable versions of R77.x SmartConsole (including the Endpoint variants) are planned.