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NATed endpoint management doesn't connect to outside network

Dear Team,

our organization has the endpoint server which has been NAT to the public ip, its being used for the POC(Proof of concept)  purpose but when we install the endpoint client the initial client get the fingerprint of the endpoint server but give a error dialogue box saying unable to connect to the server. 

i am able to ping it and even i can get the web interface from outside network, only the client cannot connect to the server.


Sagar Manandhar

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Hope you are doing fine! A couple of questions

1) Did you set a Static NAT or Port forwarding?

2) Did you perform a fw ctl zdebug on the gateway that performs the NAT process? Running it on the management may be a good idea too. You can add a | grep IP to narrow the search withing fw ctl zdebug

3) Did you perform a fw monitor to see if everything is being routed accordingly?

4) Just in case, you state that you can reach the NATed management and ping it. It would be great if you could test de endpoint connection from your host and in a different network (Not inside the management network neither customer).



i have done is the static nat to public ip and also open all the ports. Yes i can ping and access the web GUI from outside network too. Even i can open the endpoint console using the nated public ip from outside network.



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you might want to look at this sk112099

NAT IP for Endpoint server.

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