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Experiences from deploying Endpoint Security Server

Hello checkmates.

Can you share your experiences from deploying Endpoint Security Server and issues that you faced during deployment.

Also some best practices you applied?



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There is no problem sharing experience.

We set up Endpoint from about February 2017
Most of the issues we've had are currently being repaired in E80.80.
Let me say that this is the most stable and best version of the client.
So if you deploy this version, I do not see the problem.

In general, I would advise:

Move slowly.
Each new version is tested, tested, tested before deployed on a larger number of computers.
Inform users properly. Explain to them how IE and Chrome works, for example.

Prepare for false positives. I had to add lots of things to the exception list.

Your question is quite general. Write down exactly what interests you more.