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recover the FDE hard disk


i need to know the process to recover the hard disk with FDE.   Is there any tools to recover?? 

If any video please post it.  I am asking because this case may be raise in future.

Thanks in advance


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Assuming you can't boot from the drive, you will need to use the Dynamic Mount Utility to recover the drive.

While I'm not aware of a video that demonstrates this, there was a thread on this recently that has a couple pointers: Use DMU 2.2 to recover data


Thanks.  Hope it will help me in future  🙂

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Dear Dameon,

We had a scenario recently and we tried to recover the data using DMU tool. And we can able to unlock/decrypt the volumes but unable to copy files to an external HDD. We cannot able to see any data in any of the volumes. Did you had any similar experiences?

Thanks in advance.

Smiley Happy

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