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high java cpu use /Endpoint

Anyone else run into issues with high Java cpu use after installing Endpoint? 

We recently installed endpoint on one of our workflow servers that uses java pretty extensively. We've had a bunch of incidents now where java will spike to 100% cpu and stay there, especially when a user logs in/out from that server. 

The server grinds to a halt during this spike until you finally get a chance to kill the java processes. Forcing a power cycle won't fix the problem, the processor will spike back to 100% right away. 

So far removing Endpoint seems to have alleviated the issue, more time testing will confirm. 

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Re: high java cpu use /Endpoint

What Endpoint blades? What version of Windows and clients?

As I recall, support on servers is different than client PCs.

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Re: high java cpu use /Endpoint


Anti Malware

Sandblast Agent Forensics

Sandblast anti-bot

sandblast threat extraction

Windows server 2016  /  endpoint client 80.86 

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Re: high java cpu use /Endpoint

From the E80.86 release notes, only the following blades are supported:

  • Anti-Malware
  • Firewall
  • SandBlast Agent features
  • Capsule Docs

So that's good.

Have you opened a TAC case yet?

I suspect this will require some troubleshooting.

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Re: high java cpu use /Endpoint

We ended up creating some exceptions in the anti-malware policy to avoid these java processes.

Even with just the anti-malware blade installed this high cpu use situation was still happening. 

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