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AllenVR inside Endpoint Security Products 11 hours ago
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While Online USB Media Prompting for Password When Inserted

We recently upgraded/migrated from R77.30 on Windows to R80.20 on Gaia. When USB media encrypted under the Windows server is inserted into an online client device, a password prompt occurs to access the encrypted media. Previous functionality when on a managed client online did not require a password. Offline access did prompt as expected. We followed all standard database export/import processes for migrating from R77.30 to R80.20 as well as all standard setup/configuration processes on the Gaia server. has anyone experienced this or similar. TAC is working a case for this but so far has not been able to replicate the issue.
Daniel1 inside Endpoint Security Products 12 hours ago
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Limit IpSEC tunnel speed

Hello guys,is there some possibility to limit maximum speed of IPSec VPN tunnel on R77.30?Thank you
inside Endpoint Security Products 16 hours ago
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General availability of Cloud Management for SandBlast Agent

Hi Everyone, We are happy to announce the general availability of Cloud Management for SandBlast Agent. The service is available at Cloud Management for SandBlast Agent The new Cloud Management for SandBlast Agent provides many advantages for our customers, partners, and Check Point’s technical teams by enabling quicker, smoother POCs and the spin-up of production environments within minutes. Main key features: Hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), secured by Check Point. Low latency by using USA or Europe AWS regions. Very simple, easy and quick creation of a new tenant management environment. No installations and no pre-requisite required. Fully managed service by Check Point, removes the overhead of managing and maintaining the management server by our customers Cloud management for SandBlast Agent is included in the package license with no additional fee. Our customers will no longer need to worry about setting up, deploying, and maintaining a server. SandBlast Agent cloud management is part of the Infinity Portal which is another major step to making the Infinity architecture a reality. In the past few months, Cloud Management for SandBlast Agent deployed successfully in dozens of POCs and live production with very good feedback from our customers and partners. We strive to continue the good momentum with this release!! Collateral Additional information on cloud management for SandBlast Agent is available. SandBlast Agent Cloud Technical Guide for Partners & SEs Cloud service initialization step by step guide SandBlast Agent Sales Enablement SandBlast Agent new solution brief New SandBlast Agent presentation SandBlast Agent Cloud Management Administration Guide Best Ami.B
Daniel_Hainich inside Endpoint Security Products 20 hours ago
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Location Awareness Endpoint Firewall

Hi, is there any option to configure endpoint firewall policy based on location?when connected inside company disable fw, and when outside use default profile?if not, how i can configure that my users cant access internet if vpn is not established? thanksdaniel

Check Point Endpoint Security Client

Hi All,Can you please provide details, how below highlighted things works. Thanks in advance!!!

CLI Command to check Authentication Activity

Hi Checkmates, Do we have any CLI command to check the device Authentication activity? I need to get the below details in CLI.
ritenm inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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Deployment of policy server for large enterprise

HiMy concern is if i want to deploy policy server for large enterprise so how many policy server can support in one Endpoint Management Server R80.20 in MPLS environment.
Peter1 inside Endpoint Security Products Monday
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Endpoint E80.89 VPN client crashes on Mac OS Mojave

Hi there,After upgrade to Mac OS 10.14 the E80.71 client stopped working; so I upgraded to E80.89. However, as soon as I click on the client icon in the toolbar it crashes.I attach a log that was produced to the collect logs option (choosing this option immediately crashed the client).I've tried the obvious things (rebooting computer, installing on different user account, going back to E80.71, uninstalling and reinstalling etc.)Any help would be appreciated.
Ankit inside Endpoint Security Products Monday
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Endpoint policy server Query

Hello Team,I having some question regarding Endpoint policy server.1) Maximum how many agent can handle one policy server ?2) how agent communicate with nearest policy server ? suppose in my organisation having 10 endpoint policy server, which policy server IP will agent get and how?

GAiA 80.20 Endpoint Management server not starting

Hello Colleagues,I faced with strange problem when I activated Endpoint Management blade on our Management Server. When I'm starting Endpoint Management GUI it's stuck with 'Endpoint Management Server is starting...' message and finally says 'Endpoint Management Server not started'.uepm_start command shows that everything is OKUEPM: Log conversion daemon has startedUEPM: Starting in Active EPS configuration...cpwd_admin:Process SICTUNNEL started successfully (pid=21244)UEPM: SIC Tunnel startedUEPM: PostgreSQL9.2 is already runningUEPM: Endpoint Security Management server is starting...cpwd_admin:Process EPM started successfully (pid=21249)UEPM: Endpoint Security Management Server was started successfullyUEPM: Self Help Portal isn't activated and will not need any actionUEPM: Starting Apache...UEPM: Apache Web Server is starting...UEPM: Apache Web Server was started successfullyI looked into $UEPMDIR/logs/server_messages.log file and found 'Could not load PAT on startup() (UsmPolicyAssignmentFacade)' and 'Server failed to start. Shutting down.. (InitServlet)' messagesI remember it was working before upgrading from 80.10.
John_Yee inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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iPhones and Androids being blocked read access on E81 with Media Encryption blade only on Windows 10

Is this expected behavior? I thought any Windows Portable Device would still have the ability to read from.
AlexF inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Endpoint security - Installation failed

Hello community, I'm trying to install Checkpoint Endpoint Security, the E80.62 version instead of my previous E80.89.I have uninstalled E80.89 by runningsudo /Library/Application\ Support/Checkpoint/Endpoint\ Connect/uninstall Now when I launch my E80.62 installer, I get an error just after the License Agreement : "Configuration files were not found. Please make sure that this Endpoint Security Installer was properly exported from the SmartEndpoint". See the attachment.Has anyone any clue about how to solve it ?
ritenm inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Endpoint management server R80.20

Hi I am Riten Mehta here,I am facing multiple issue in Checkpoint Endpoint Management Server R80.20 product.1) Facing USB block issue under virtual group it takes entire organization policy push instead of assigning specific group & policy. (Media Encryption & Port Protection Policy.)2) In one specific system showing Blades are not running error message.3) Excel Files get locked and not able to open.4) Also deleting printer's driver after deployment of Media Encryption & Port Protection Policy.Would request you to give me resolution on the above asap.
inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Check Point Endpoint Security versions / release schedules

Hi All, I had some feedback, saying there’s a lack of understanding of the Endpoint release plans, so let me explain… (Yes, we’re historically not the best as marketing and communications!) First a little history lesson: For those that remember, Endpoint installs were released on the same sort of frequency as Network releases. You can see all releases documented here: sk117536. However, around 2017, with the rise of Ransomware, R&D appreciated very much, that the world changed too fast, and to ensure our agent could proactively maintain its ability to prevent, a monthly release was necessary. This allowed us to add features, and always aim to keep ahead of the bad guys (with new features, like Anti Ransomware, Behavioural Guard, Anti Exploit, PowerShell malware based prevention etc.) – this is our DNA – to give the best security. This change definitely gave us more features, but, with anything, with a much shorter time to General Availability, and more “moving parts”, the opportunity for bugs to be introduced increased. As part of an overlay team in CHKP, our team provides feedback, every 6 months to R&D in Tel Aviv, and they do listen! We said - Customers felt they had to upgrade, and felt there were too many versions to maintain. What we do now: Today, we now, where possible, let you upgrade with no reboot, definitely reducing end user impact. Their aim is to have Endpoint upgrade, just like Chrome does – silently if you want to (no, I have no idea what Chrome version I am running). We also got R&D to provide 2 “channels” – recommended, and latest – see the info in the SK above. E80.96 is the current recommended version. However, there are numerous fixes (but also new features, which always carry the potential for bugs) in E81.10, and E81.20. Such as the ability to support newer Windows versions. So, we can see E81.10, and then E81.20 are the latest versions. R&D release 2 “latest” versions, and then a new recommended version. So, as an example, E81.30 (the next expected recommended version) is just E81.20, with 10+ significant fixes included (the number of fixes can change). If you prefer to stick to fewer updates, but less features, then the recommended updates channel is the one for you. I hope this helps! Tom Kendrick | EMEA Customer Success Manager & Evangelist – Office Of the CTOCheck Point Software Technologies Ltd.
ake_schmidi inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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kernel panic macOS 10.15 Beta (19A526h) Catalina

Hello TogetherI have with the latest beta of macOS Catalina some kernel panics when macOS is starting up.Installed versions:Endpoint Security: E80.89macOS: 10.15 Beta (19A526h)Is there already a new version? Or does anyone have a workaround?