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Blason_R inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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How to exclude IP addresses in SB4B for Chrome.

Hi Team,I have EPM 80.30 and agent 81.30 with sandblast for Chrome plugin is installed automatically. However I exlcuded certain domains under AntiRansomware. Threat Extraction blade since the browser was stopping certain PDF files and creating lot of issues.However after exlcuding domain things have started working fine. Now my wuery is the agent is creating an issue for internal portals as well which are being accessed using IP addresses. I exlcude the IP addresses the log shows the exceptions hence wanted to know if there are other ways to bypass the IP addresses from scanning? TIABlason R 
Blason_R inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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Only 14 Policy servers can be added in Console

Hi Guys,I am implementing EPM suite and we have to add around 17 Policy servers however adding EPM option is disable after 14. Has anyone seen this behavior before?TIABlason R
Wolfgang inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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smartcard for pre-boot authentication with FDE

Hello CheckMates,has anyone any experience with certificates stored on smartcards and using this for pre-boot authentication with FDE, Windows-Logon and VPN ?Any advice which cards are supported ?Wolfgang
sharkbone inside Endpoint Security Products Saturday
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Screenmirroring (Miracast) connection error

We have had the scenario where our Screen mirroring via Miracast or any other technology works only after uninstalling Checkpoint VPN/Firewall software from the affected client. Research shows that most third party VPN solutions identify WiFi Direct (the underlying technology for Miracast/screensharing) as a "Split Tunnel" connection and deem it a risk to security so they disable the functionality.Are there alternative workarounds to this instead of totally uninstalling Checkpoint in order to get this working? We can only keep Checkpoint as our endpoint security solution (vpn / firewall) if we find a permanent solution to this problem or else management will be forced to turn to another solution. Refer to this post
Ankit inside Endpoint Security Products Saturday
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EPM_Policy server Miscommunication issue

Hello team ,  We are implementing EPM server with unlimited Policy server and will be deploying 15 policy servers across. Issue:- As system from kolkata location should be connecting to kolkata location policy server. But its connecting to some other location policy server. how to rectify this issue.It must be connecting to nearest policy server....Please rectify the issue.
Ankit inside Endpoint Security Products Saturday
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EPM_Eval License Issue

Hello Team,We are implementing EPM server with unlimited Policy server and will be deploying 15 policy servers across. Since EPM license is attached to Mgmt Server how do I license Policy servers.Since those says we are running on Eval licenses
Kilian_Huber inside Endpoint Security Products Friday
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Endpoint Security on VMware Horizon View with Instant Clones

Does anybody have any experience with running Endpoint Security in a VMware Horizon View infrastructure with instant clones? I have found two related threads on CheckMates here (here and here) but they are not really conclusive to me.If working with Instant Clones, the EP client would be deployed on the master image. Whenever a new VDI session is being established to Horizon View, a new clone of this image would be deployed. However, since the EPGUID of the master is already registered with the EPS server, the clone would not be able to synchronize with the EPS server (duplicate EPGUID on the server). Are my assumptions correct? Is there any design guide or paper whatsoever on this subject? I can't find anything neither in SK nor in the admin guides. I also cannot find an explicit statement as to the support of Endpoint Security with VMware Horizon View.
ritenm inside Endpoint Security Products Friday
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Local Policy Server connecting issue with local agent

I am unble to connect my local agent with local policy server in management server R80.20 its connecting to other location of policy server. For Ex : If i have Mumbai policy server deployed so agent is connecting to Bangalore policy server etc.

Windows 10 and 1903 issue?

Hello All, has anyone seen this error before? We have 81.10.7191, but this happens on the 81.30.8020 as well. It's not a consistent issue.  We have deployed multiple builds of 1903. we have used .116, .239, .267, .295, .329, .356, all in the 18362 build. I am trying to pull some check point deployment logs, and see what i can find. I thought there might be a different build of 81.10 to use, but i don't know there is a different build other than 7191?there is nothing in C:\ProgramData\Check Point\Endpoint Security\Logs\ except for epslog.inithough in C:\ProgramData\Check Point\Endpoint Security\ i do see the following file, and the following info below: EPS_Check Point Endpoint Total Security x64_81.10.7191_200771_msi_log_2.txt I tried 81.30, but the log file does not show up for that for some reason, but it happens in that build as well.  MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding WIN_BUILD property. Its value is '18362'.MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: Doing action: LaunchConditionsAction ended 17:20:05: AppSearch. Return value 1.Action start 17:20:05: LaunchConditions.MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: Product: Check Point Endpoint Security -- Check Point Endpoint Agent requires Windows 7 SP1 or a greater Windows version up to Windows 10.0.18200 I have tried to install all the latest windows updates, no change.   
Herson_A inside Endpoint Security Products Thursday
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SmartEndpoint changing the number of total endpoints

Each day I open the SmartEndpoint I found different totals of endpoint installed, sometimes it goes up and sometimes goes down.What could be the reason for that, as I need to send a report to my CISO every week.How does heartbeat work to check if a machine is alive? 
RyanJohnson inside Endpoint Security Products Thursday
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Creating a simple VPN connection (Having a nightmare)

Hi everyone,  I have a CheckPoint 3000 Application running  R80.10 software.  I have been attempting to create a simple VPN setup for the last few weeks and failing miserably.  What I want to achieve. I want to be able to have clients use the CheckPoint VPN client software, to connect to my CheckPoint appliance and access the local LAN.  I have followed a number of guides to no avail, I'm hoping someone has set this up on their appliance and can point me in the right direction.  Cheers

R80:10 Jumbo fix upgrade verification message clarification

HiWe got the following message when doing the Installer Verify checks prior to a Jumbo Hotfix install on our R80:10 Open Server Security GatewayInstallation is allowed but with additional text about file differencesIs this just an Informational message or do we need to be concerned?We backed out of applying until we could clarify the messageThank youESMFWE01> installer verify 1Info: Initiating verify of Check_Point_R80_10_JUMBO_HF_Bundle_T189_sk116380_FULL.tgz...Interactive mode is enabled. Press CTRL + C to exit (this will not stop the operation)Result: Installation is allowed. Relation between the installed packages and the verified package: * R80_10_JUMBO_HF contains files whose content is contained in the verified package, and additional files that are not present in the verified package. * R80_10_New_Image contains files whose content is contained in the verified package, and additional files that are not present in the verified package.

Access rule based on endpoint conditions?

Hi,Is it possible to have a VPN network access rule depending on an endpoint condition?Example:A user is connecting by VPN from a FDE encrypted device. An access rule should allow traffic.The same user is connecting from another device without FDE, this access rule should not allow traffic.Can this be done?

How to create script to see active endpoint users.

Hi Everyone,Can one help me to create script to see active endpoint users in Check Point R80. Thanks in advance for your kind support. 
Howard_Gyton inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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R77.30.03 to R80.30 Endpoint migration hell

Hi,After attending a recent CheckMates meeting, and being invited to share my exerperiences of this process with rest of the community, here goes.Having done several of these Endpoint migration before, having been a user since the original R80/E80 release on Windows, and being one of the first European sites to have a Gaia Endpoint server, I was used to the process, however as I found out R80.30 Endpoint was somethig of a disaster for us.The new server was installed without error, but it all went wrong when attempting to import the old R77.30.03 database, so I opened a support ticket.1. Database failed to export with the R80.30 migration tools. I was provided with some code to tweak the database, and this allowed the export to proceed.2. Database failed to import.  It turns out you need to add the AntiMalware signature update installed in Gaia first, as per sk151533.3. We also need to confirm the permissions on the following file: /opt/CPuepm-R80.30/engine/conf/updates/bin/ Was also advised to use the R80.30 servers own migration tools and not the R77.30->R80.30 migration tools used for the export.5. I was also provided with an "AM script" that would make further tweaks to allow the import to succeed.6. Finally, and this was the kicker, at the point I ran the migrate import, I had to quickly edit the file "/opt/CPsuite-R80.30/fw1/tmp/migrate/uepm_configuration", and remove the line "AM_blade_exist (true)", and this had to be done during the import and before it go too far through the process and failed again.Finally, after all of this we had a functioning R80.30 Endpoint server, but even after all this we found that we could not manage new MacOS machines, so a further hotfix was provided to fix this.TLDR, this process made me wonder what QA process was followed for this release?  Endpoint isn't a niche product as far as I know, and neither would an R77.30.03 migration to R80.30 be a niche process, so it concerns me that it was released in this state.Howard