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Anu_Cherian inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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Uninstall Endpoint Security Agent

Hi,I am facing issue with uninstalling the Checkpoint Endpoint Security. I accidently installed the wrong package when I was looking for VPN client. I tried "secret" password but still cannot uninstall it.The Zip file was downloaded from Checkpoint and I used the EPS file from the package EPS_E80.50_Windows\EPS_E80.50_Windows\MSI\NEWDA
cfabrizio inside Endpoint Security Products yesterday
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Endpoint Policy Management API

Hi folks,I have a quick question for all of you, can we use REST API to manage the Endpoint Policy Management?If yes, where can I find the documentation, I was only able to find this link, but I believe it is just for the security GW.What I'm trying to achieve is to automate some process.Thanks.

Endpoint device license management

We constantly seem to be going over the number of allotted licenses we have for our company which made my director question how Check Point manages licenses. I seem unable to find this information on my own. How does Check Point count endpoint devices and how do I know old devices that have been removed from our network aren't still being counted as taking up a license?

Is there an article for configuring Endpoint Security on Domain Controllers?

I have a customer that installed endpoint security on a couple of domain controllers running NtFRS and they needed to remove the software after it brought these servers to their knees.

endpoint suite

Can i replace conventional Antivirus Kaspersky with Checkpoint endpoint suite ? What is the sandblast agent ? I have Sandblast TE appliance , so for the zero-day /anti-malware do i need to use Sanblast endpoint agent on top of Checkpoint endpoint suite ? How can i fully replace the signature /AI based Kaspersky ?
Blason_R inside Endpoint Security Products Wednesday
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Can agent exported from one EPM server connect to other?

Hi Folks,Somehow I believe I need to re-format the existing EPM R77.30.03 server due to hard disk failure and unfortunately I do not have a backup of that.Now the only option left in front of me is to create a new R80.30/80.20 server and get the new agent. Wondering if the existing agents deployed on endpoints can they be configured so that they can connect to the new EPM server?Or at the max, I do not have any option left but to deploy new agents, but as a last resort if the above can be done? TIABlason R

Upgrade SmartEndPoint from R77.30.03 to R80.20 with migration

Hi guys, Anyone has already tried to upgrade SmartEndPoint server from R77.30.03 to R80.20?In the R80.20 Install & Upgrade guide is stated :"These instructions equally apply to:• Security Management Server• Endpoint Security Management Server"!Is that true?Anyone that has upgraded a SmartEndPoint before has tips or suggestions about it? I'm concern about for example:1. The FDE feature where the EndPoint keys are stored on SmartEndPoint Server.. what happens to these keys? They will be export via migrate export?2. Software deployment rules are based on a specific client package that will be pushed to EndPoint clients that will match that rule.. When you do an upgrade with migration the current packages will be exported via migrate export or I have to upload them manually on the new machine? Let me know guys.. It will be very very appreciated 😆

Blue screen (PFN_LIST_CORRUPT) after E80.94 to E81.10 upgrade Windows 10 1703

Hi,We've now had two instances where a Windows 10 1703 machine running E80.94 has failed to upgrade correctly to E81.10.The package appears to deploy and install okay. Upon restart the pre-boot screen shows it is running E81.10 but then the OS loads, gets to the login screen and within a few seconds it blue screens with the error:PFN_LIST_CORRUPTFor the first machine, a laptop, I created recovery media for, stripped off FDE, and then performed a system restore to a previous point. I was then able to uninstall the Endpoint software and am in the process of patching the machine to 1809.During the removal of Endpoint I observed that it was still running E80.94, which was the version shown on the recovery key, not E81.10. Perhaps this is the reason for the blue screen.In any case I am about to investigate the second machine and will hopefully have the same workaround.I can say I have successfully upgraded 150 machines to E81.10, with a further 103 awaiting upgrade from E80.94, so these are small numbers, thankfully.Howard

Endpoint VPN and auto connect before Windows 10 Login Prompt...

Hello, Is there any way to force the Endpoint VPN to prompt for credentials and connect prior to the Windows Login prompt (either via boot-up or returning from sleep / standby mode). This is available on Windows 7 machines however I haven't seen an equivalent feature for Windows 10. I know with location awareness and auto connect you can force the client to prompt the user to authenticate and connect, etc... however the client doesn't prompt the user to connect until they are already logged into Windows and the user can just keep cancelling the prompt and continue to use the laptop without the VPN being connected. Ultimately my customer is trying to ensure that when a user takes their laptop home and boots up / open the lid they are forced to connect to the VPN before they can do anything else (Unlock the laptop, etc...). Even on Windows 7 machines when we were able to get the VPN client to prompt the user to connect before the Windows Login prompt, the user could still simply click cancel and proceed to windows without forcing the VPN. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Sandblast IE Plugin support for Enhanced Protected Mode

Hi Community,we noticed, that the Sandblast browser plugin for IE is incompatible with the Enhanced Protected Mode from Internet Explorer.Is there anybody from product team or similar, who can explain, why this plugin is incompatible and when the plugin is planned to be certified? The EPM mode from IE got a few nice security features, we would miss by deactivating it.I guess Microsoft does a plugin-verification like all the other vendors and for EPM mode, the plugin needs to implement all the requirements - which are these and why aren't they implemented yet?I'm thankful for any thoughts on thisProblem is described with SK154912 , but I don't think this is a permanent solution, more a workaround.Best RegardsJohannes
foxcon inside Endpoint Security Products Saturday
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Error durin installation of Checkpoint E80.92

Dear Community,im deploying over 4000 CheckPoint clients in our infrastructure and over 95 % were installed successfully.On some machines i got the following error:Error 1935. An error occurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft.VC80.ATL,type="win32",version="8.0.50727.42",publicKeyToken="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b",processorArchitecture="x86'. Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8007054F. All machines in our infrastructure are Windows 7 x64 or Windows 10 1809. If i deploy it via SCCM or install it via cmd with ADM priviliges, the same result. I have attached a log file. If i check the logfile, it says i should have a look in the %windir%\logs\cbs folder buti cant find anything which helps me.Thank you very much!
Ankit inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Sandblast forensic report generation through smart endpoint console .

Hello Team,We are facing issue while generating forensic report through smart endpoint console. we are able to view detail forensic report through sandblast agent while click to incidentid.below are forensic report we capture from agent . same we need to generatethough smart console.
Heng_Eng inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Connectivity with the Check Point Endpoint Security service is lost

I have just installed Endpoint Security VPN E80.90 Build 986100112. After rebooting, all I get is:Connectivity with the Check Point Endpoint Security service is lost.Clicking any button, eg Disconnect or VPN Options will simply produce the same error message: Connectivity with the Check Point Endpoint Security service is lost.I checked and both Check POint Endpoint Client Watchdog service and Check Point Endpoint Security VPN service are running.What can I do? I am totally lost. I have to connect to a client's site urgently to investigate an issue.Thanks.
Jason_Dance inside Endpoint Security Products a week ago
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Policy Server

Hi Community!I'm currently on R80 for management, and R77.30.03 for Endpoint management. EPM is its own separate management/endpoint management server, and won't be associated with my R80 management until CP are able to release a supportable version on the R80 train with the latest feature set.Is there a solution for specifying a NAT/external IP on the R77.30.03 Endpoint management server without needing to establish SIC or a separate log server acting as a Policy Server in the DMZ?Regards,Jason
Sanja_Rakic inside Endpoint Security Products 2 weeks ago
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Active Directory scanner settings

Hi, I see that I can't change scan interval in active directory scanner configuration using Check Point Smart Endpoint console. Is there some other way to change this setting?