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Windows 10 and 1903 issue?

Hello All, 

has anyone seen this error before? We have 81.10.7191, but this happens on the 81.30.8020 as well. It's not a consistent issue.  We have deployed multiple builds of 1903. we have used .116, .239, .267, .295, .329, .356, all in the 18362 build. 

I am trying to pull some check point deployment logs, and see what i can find. I thought there might be a different build of 81.10 to use, but i don't know there is a different build other than 7191?

there is nothing in C:\ProgramData\Check Point\Endpoint Security\Logs\ except for epslog.ini

though in C:\ProgramData\Check Point\Endpoint Security\ i do see the following file, and the following info below: 

EPS_Check Point Endpoint Total Security x64_81.10.7191_200771_msi_log_2.txt


I tried 81.30, but the log file does not show up for that for some reason, but it happens in that build as well. 


MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: PROPERTY CHANGE: Adding WIN_BUILD property. Its value is '18362'.
MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: Doing action: LaunchConditions
Action ended 17:20:05: AppSearch. Return value 1.
Action start 17:20:05: LaunchConditions.
MSI (s) (D4:D8) [17:20:05:053]: Product: Check Point Endpoint Security -- Check Point Endpoint Agent requires Windows 7 SP1 or a greater Windows version up to Windows 10.0.18200


I have tried to install all the latest windows updates, no change.




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