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R80 Endpoint URL Filtering

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The process to install URL Filtering rules for Endpoints described in sk112932 is only for versions R77.30.x. I can actually confirm that in R80.20M1 the process eps_policy_fetcher doesn't exist on the management so it is not possible.

Therefore, is URL Filtering on Endpoint not supported with R80.20M1 Endpoint Management (it is not in any known limitations I found)? Or is there maybe another process?

Is it also not supported in R80.20? If that is the case for both, is there a plan to bring the feature back in R80 or is Checkpoint just giving up on this feature?

I have opened a case for this question but they are just giving me confused opposite answers so I'm hoping someone here will actually have the information (remind me to never open cases on a Friday - dealing with US TAC is painful).

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Thank you! Nobody could point me to this SK in the support case ...

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If it is of help for anyone, a hotfix actually exists to enable Endpoint URL Filtering for R80.20M1 (my SR was finally transferred to someone in Israel who knew more).

The name of the hotfix is fw1_wrapper_HOTFIX_HALO_M1_BASE_HF_007_GA_FULL.tgz

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