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New mechanism for inspecting files

According to sk144293, one new feature brought by R80.30 is the following:

"Endpoint and Network compatibility including a new mechanism that inspects files just once, either by the Security Gateway or by the Endpoint Client, eliminating redundancy."

Could somebody please clarify for me what that mechanism is as I struggle to find it in the R80.30 admin guide.

Many thanks.

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Re: New mechanism for inspecting files

That statement is under the heading "Endpoint Security Threat Extraction for web-downloaded documents."
So it's related to Threat Extraction, which previously was not something gateways did in that context.
Basically it just makes sure that the Endpoint doesn't do Threat Extraction on a document that the gateway already did it on.
How that works exactly, I'm not sure.

Re: New mechanism for inspecting files

Thank you very much!