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Endpoint policy actions list


We want to work out a matrix for creating policies in SmartEndpoint for each of our users scenarios and wondered if there was some kind of matrix template/spreadsheet available with all the granular options.

The idea is we would have a documented flow/matrix of each scenario and it's required associated endpoint policy options

For example - A user connects from their own PC to the company VPN.

Endpoint Policies




But then break these down for each options actions


  • Scan All (Yes/No) - Yes
  • Re mediate (Yes/No) - No

This could then be shown in a matrix for easy policy building (see attached), just need a breakdown of all actions possible

Many thanks

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Re: Endpoint policy actions list

All of the various options are in the product documentation, but probably not in spreadsheet form.

Also depending on the scenarios in question, some blades aren't relevant.

Also, for a given client, many scenarios could apply.

Not sure a matrix is the right way to represent this. 

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