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EPM_Policy server Miscommunication issue

Hello team , 


We are implementing EPM server with unlimited Policy server
and will be deploying 15 policy servers across. 


As system from kolkata location should be connecting to kolkata location policy server. But its connecting to some other location policy server. how to rectify this issue.

It must be connecting to nearest policy server....

Please rectify the issue.

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Re: EPM_Policy server Miscommunication issue

First, be sure to Synchronize the clocks on the Endpoint Policy Server machine to the Endpoint Security Server machine (using NTP Server, or manually). 

Then, review all logs for errors, and also:

In SmartEndpoint GUI - go to 'Reporting' tab and review the shown details for the Policy Server

Look into messages_logsfile from the new Endpoint Policy Server for errors

Look into %DADIR%\logs\cpda.log on client machine for errors

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Re: EPM_Policy server Miscommunication issue



It required to open ntp port 123  through firewall  after ntp configuration.

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