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ActiveSync Applications

Hi There,

I've tired to follow the "Configuring ActiveSync Applications" section under the recent mobile access administration guide and configured step by step according to the instructions and it's not working.

First of all I would like to check if the "ActiveSync" capability of CP is relevant to my scenarios.

1) I want publish ActiveSync access for external mobile devices using the native email client (Outlook, Built-in android email app etc.)

2) and the ability to enable access for outlook Anywhere clients. 

And I need that both of these functionalities will work seamlessly. Which means on the mobile device just by opening the native email client and on the Outlook application on windows by opening the outlook app and without any additional active VPN client and so on.

The customer currently utilizing both of the functionalities by it's Microsoft ISA server which acts also as it's firewall and it's planed to be switched by CP 6200 gateway. We are in the middle of migration process and the activesync/Outlook anywhere is part of the tests we are conducting. 

So ,my first question is. Does the section of "Configuring ActiveSync Applications" is relevant to Outlook anywhere also? if not so what is?

Second question. can both of the ActiveSync and Outlook anywhere can be accessed seamlessly similar to ISA/TMG.

I'm not considering ISA as a firewall like checkpoint but the two things ISA can do best is Activesync and Outlook anywhere.

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@2B_Secure ActiveSync setup in MobileAccessPortal is the right solution for ActiveSync setup. If this does not work more information of the configuration is needed. First you should check connectivity from the gateway to the internal Exchange via admin_wizard.

Outlook Anywherere is using RPC over HTTPS. This canˋt be proxied via an application in the MobileAccessPortal. You have to use NAT to forward HTTPS requests from external to your internal OutlookAnywhere portal.

But, I would prefer using the capsule app on mobile devices, authentication is done by the gateway and connections are checked before reaching the internal exchange . Regarding  Outlook Anywhere I recommend don‘t use it. You can‘t control anything in the Outlook anywhere connection on your gateway. 

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