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Your Community Profile and Personal Workspace

CheckMates has a special area reserved just for you - you personal workspace. This is where you have your rich personal profile, the content that you wrote and places that you marked. Here is also where you can easily connect to your areas of interest and show your skills, follow connections with colleagues and show the experience and engagement score.

Your personal workspace is accessible from any place where you have written or engaged in a discussion. Just hover over your name in discussions and a portal to your personal workspace will appear, hovering above the page.

But there is also a main personal area for you, located at the right side of the main menu:

Personal Menu 01.png

First, note your inbox. The number next to the bell icon shows the number of unread notifications.

Next to it, your avatar icon has a menu of options tailored specifically to you. This is the main door to your personal workspace and profile. Just click the avatar icon to open this space.

Here are some of the top areas in your workspace:

Your Content

Nicely sorted list of all the items that you wrote, participated in, recently viewed or followed. The links on the left pane act as shelves. And filter bu text or tags allow you to easily find specific items.

Your Places

Find areas and forums that you marked to follow or recently viewed. As the community will grow with more areas of interest, this page will make it easy to go directly to the areas that interest you most.

View Profile

Here's you personal profile. It is not only your business card in the community. Here you have your recent activity, points that you gained, skills and expertise that you wanted to share, images and other stuff. Explore the options. This is the front window to your presence at the community.

Edit Profile

Go directly and add images that represent you or change your avatar. Edit your basic profile fields or manage your privacy.


Decide what activity you'd like to get notifications about. Choose how to view discussions. Lots of preferences await you here.