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Write a Document or Start a Discussion - What's the difference?

In the forums, when you want to start a new item, you can choose whether to "Ask a question", "Start a Discussion" or "Write a Document". 


What is the difference between them?   what should you choose?


A question is simply a new question that you expect to receive answers for. Once you received answers, you can choose the answer that you found best and most useful to you, and mark it as the "correct answer". The question will then be marked as "answered".


A discussion is a thread of posts about any topic. It can be used to bring up a topic for an open with experts and peers.


A document is much like a wiki page or a blog post. It is a short article about a specific topic. The document is also interactive and It has a comments list where a discussion can start.


All have the same rich text editor and similar editing capabilities. But a document is more of a post that is being written and published to the community. This post, or article, stands out on the page. People can reply to it in the comments, and they can also rate it using stars,  A discussion is the start of a thread that can then branch out and evolve into a number of sub-discussions.


So, use a document when you want to provide a useful piece of information and allow other people to comment on it, use a discussion when you want to start an open group discussion and ask a question when you wish to receive a direct answer .