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Why follow?

If you have an interest in the topics of any forum and you want to be kept updated about it, click the "Follow" button on the top right area of this forum.


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You can choose whether to subscribe to updates inside the community itself ("Following") or in your email Inbox. You can also choose both places.


Why follow within the community?  because your community experience is personalized. First, the home page is actually personalized for you. The items that you see are affected by your preferences and subscriptions. Second, You have your personal workspace on the right side of the main menu. Your notifications and other tools as there to provide you with quick access to your own content and to the topics that you care more about.


Why follow in your email?  because you get quick notifications in your email and can open a recent discussion or question right from your inbox. Very convenient.


Each expert, developer or practitioner can subscribe to follow his/her own prefered topics. Easily. Just click the "Follow" button and choose the options that you prefer.

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