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Upload a File to the community

Sharing  a PDF, WORD or Power Point with the community is very simple. here are a few tips and guidelines

1. Click on the pencil at the top right side and choose the type of content. If you want to share a presentation or PDF choose File.

2.  Fill in the relevant details

     1. Choose the file you want to share

     2. Choose the place that you want the file at belong to.  The default will be the place you are currently at. If you do not choose a place the file will be added to your personal page in the profile.

     3. Add tags and Categories to make your content easy to find.

Click on Publish at the bottom of the page

If you are a new user in the community, the content might go for moderation for approval. If this is not your first contribution at the community you can find your content in 3 different places:

1. The activity feed at the place you published to.

2. Your personal profile page.

3. By search


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