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How to highlight text in a document

In the community you can easily highlight important messages in your text.

Using this will help the users see what matters and is most important in the text.


Editing your documents


It is best to edit the documents directly in Jive. When copying test it is best to delete all styles How to delete styles

and then use Bold and other colors.


Do not use to many colors so your document will not look like a Christmas Tree


Use Bullets to highlight points

  • The first thing
  • The Second Thing
  • The Third thing


Use the spell checker to make sure there are no spelling mistakes


Additional formatting options can be seen in the editor


Create headings in the document


have a look at How to create headings and a table of contents


Bring the readers attention to important messages


To emphasis a tip use Alert > Success


This is a great tip! Do not forget it


To make sure everyone notices important information  use Alert > Information


This is important information you should be aware of


To bring the readers attention to something use Alert > Warning


Do not restart the machine before you backup the information

To make notify them of a danger use Alert > Danger

If you restart without backup all the content will be deleted


Mark the content using flags


Use the Flag > New for new content in a working document





Use the flag > Updated for updated content in a working document





Make your document happy


In Jive there are many emotion icons that you can use to deliver your message clearly.


Not that at the bottom of the list there are some "work related icons" that will make your work more visible:


  Mark something as done or completed

  Mark something as needed to be completed

Bring to someones attention

Add new information


and more...



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