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How to create headings and a table of contents

Create headings in the document


When documents are long, it is important to make them easier to read and to guide readers through the document. One of the best way to do that is by using section headers.


This is done using the Style option on the editor toolbar. In the Style drop-down menu you will find predefined, easy to use, heading styles


using headers.png


Write the text of the heading. Then select it and choose a style from the list.


Make it easy to jump to sections in a document


In long documents, it is best to add a table of content. A table of content always appear at the top of the document. It show a list of the headings and allows to go quickly to any heading.


To add a table of contents, use the  >>  button on the toolbar and then choose Table of Contents.


Add Table of Contents.png


You should see a table of contents icon at the top of the document. When you save the document and then open it again, the table of contents is generated automatically.


Have a look at the top of this document to see how the table of contents looks like.

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