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Getting Started on Check Point CheckMates - How To & FAQ

Welcome to CheckMates

Greetings to all our new members! Please read this document to see how you can make the most effective use of the CheckMates community!

In this document, we will explain:

  • How to Navigate CheckMates
  • What the different media/post types are
  • How to find interesting content
  • Connecting with other members

If you did not find here an answer, ask your question in the comments, and we will make sure it will be answered as soon as possible.

What is CheckMates?

Here's a short video explaining what CheckMates is.

Video Link : 6151

What is CheckMates? - YouTube 

CheckMates is a community of Check Point experts, customers, users and developers. We work in both virtual space and through local CheckMates chapters and groups around the globe.

What can I do on CheckMates?

On CheckMates, you can:

You can also win rewards for your participation in the community, become a person of a month, and even win a trip to the Check Point main offices in Tel Aviv!

How to Join?

To participate in the community, login with your Check Point UserCenter account.

Don't have a UserCenter account yet? Sign up now!

If you're experiencing troubles accessing the community or need assistance, contact us via the following:

 What Can I Do Once I am logged in?

Once you've logged in, follow these simple steps to get started:

  • Introduce yourself to your fellow Check Point experts and enthusiasts
  • Update your profile - add an avatar and profile picture, update your skills & expertise, and adjust your privacy settings

Who Uses CheckMates? How Many Members?

CheckMates is used by more than 75,000 customers, partners, and employees on a monthly basis and our numbers are growing! Employees will be marked with a Check Point logo next to their name.

How can I follow someone at CheckMates?

As in other communities, you can follow interesting users. To do so, hover your cursor over someone's name till a user popup appears:

Press "Follow" button and the bottom. If it is already says "Following", you already follow this person in the community. You can also unfollow someone any time. 

Can I Private Message Someone on CheckMates?

Only if they are following you. Likewise, anyone you choose to follow can send a Private Message to you.

Can I use CheckMates without logging in?

Generally speaking, you can, with some limitations. Much of the community content is public and can be seen without registering and logging in. Some parts of CheckMates are for members only and are not accessible unless you are logged in.

You will not be able to comment, to send direct messages and to follow community members unless you log in. 

The navigation bar is fixed, how can I create shortcuts to something I am interested in?

In our community, you can customize topics you follow. There is a small plus icon below the banner. Press it to create a new stream. Name it, and choose contexts you want to follow. If any of your streams has news in it, a small red dot appears next to the stream name:

In this example SecureKnowledge Club stream has new content I have not seen yet.

Help me to understand different media types

Indeed, any community member can create different media types:

Let's explain some of them.

Question is self-explaining. If you want to ask something short and simple, this is the best option.

Discussion - Start a conversation. Ask the community for suggestions; make a short observation or assertion to get feedback. 

Document -  Collaborate with others on a single document; capture information that should be available for a while; create a report, agenda, or meeting notes. Document can be edited by multiple people.

Blog Post -  Express a point of view; call something to others' attention; make a proposal to get feedback from others; ponder an idea.

Poll -  A way to ask a multiple choice question in the community. When you create a poll, you define the question and the possible answers. 

Events - Allows members of a community to schedule, discover and attend events in a social setting. We use Events for both virtual and local seminars, groups, gatherings and sessions.

What are Spaces and Groups?

Most of the content is organized in Spaces for better navigation. For example, if you are looking for a particular topic about Management, it is most likely posted in Management Space. Scripts and API code is most likely under Developers: Code Hub.

Groups are mostly oriented to specific geographic and language communities. Some groups are public and restricted, some others are private. In a public restricted groups only members can post and comments, but other community members are able to see the content. Private groups are closed for non-members.

I want to create a group for my region. How can I do that?

Send your request to Valeri Loukine‌ or Dameon Welch-Abernathy‌. We will look into this and, if required, we will delegate you some limited admin rights for your group. 

I am invited to a group. What should I do?

Accepting invitation is enough to become a member. You can also leave groups at any time.

Can I post in a language other than English?

English is the lingua franca of Cyber Security community around the globe. Most of CheckMates content is in English.

However, we have a few public groups for non-English language discussions:

Let us know if you want a group in your native language as well.

Are Posts Moderated?

Specifically for new users, posts are moderated. Posts to the Developers (Code Hub) space are always moderated, as are posts that are flagged by the system as potential spam. Posts are generally moderated within a few hours, but may take up to 24 hours to be approved.

I Found Potential Spam or Otherwise Objectionable Content on CheckMates

From Actions (top right of the post or bottom left of relevant comment), select "Report Abuse" and an admin will review the content.

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