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Do I need to go to a specific forum, before I can ask a question?

Well, actually not. No need to bother and go to a forum first. It is easier than that.


If you have any question or want to start a discussion, you can simply go ahead and do it. Write it right away, before you forget anything you wanted to write...


Then, you can choose  on any of the forums to place the question or discussion in. And if you change your mind, no worry. You can move it to another forum any time!


To write a question, start a discussion or to start any piece of document, you can use the pen icon on your personal menu bar.


Click it and choose from the list:

Create Menu.png


Now, add a title and simply write. When done, choose where to put it using the Publish Location box.


You can click "browse places" to choose from a list of forums. You can also start writing the name of a forum or choose from a pop-up list of suggested locations. Whatever is more convenient and quick.


Then, when you save your question or discussion using the big "Post" button, it will be saved and directed to the right forum.

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