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Can you move a post to another place?

When a discussion evolves, it might be possible that it will go in different directions and will branch into a number of topics that do in parallel, or will actually go into a topic that is more relevant to another forum altogether.


Forums administrators and facilitators can either take a thread of discussion in one point in the niddle and make it into a new discussion, or even move an entire discussion to another forum.


Note that it is not possible to move a specific answer from within a discussion to the middle of another discussion, because it might break the flow of the discussion.


If you see a discussion that need to be moved, please contact the community administrators.


For forum facilitators:


To branch a discussion at a specific point to make it a new discussion, use Actions > branch


It is at the bottom of the post:



To move an entire discussion to another forum, use the "Move" command.



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