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R80 AutoInstall Domain Script (API)

The script allows you to place your compile request to crontab/schedule/job tool.

Have fun Smiley Happy

You will need some extra files within same directory of the script filled with some Domain Details ( Filename: Domain.targets).

domain xxxxxxx                -> domain Name of Provider-1
policy-package Standard  -> real policy package name
Gateway-Cluster               -> real GW CP Object Name

Crontab Example

0 23 * * * /opt/xxx/ Domain

...of course you can use same api commands via Web Services.....but maybe in some cases a small possiblity helps to bring a small thing run automated.

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Re: R80 AutoInstall Domain Script (API)

Thanks for sharing this, moving this to the ‌.

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Re: R80 AutoInstall Domain Script (API)

That for sharing it.

What about the threat-prevention policy? line 128 is only for access policy  

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Re: R80 AutoInstall Domain Script (API)

Hi Ofir, we do not use threat-prevention.

That's the reason.

But i guess you can simply modify to perform threat-prevention policy.



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R80 AutoInstall Domain Script (API)

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