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Ansible Playbook Config information or Health Check

I am looking to see if anyone has already created a Ansible Playbook that goes out and gets configuration information or can do a health check from either Security Gateways Or Security Management Servers. Currently using R80.10 But also if there is anything for R80.20 we are planning on upgrading relatively soon. Also would be interested in any Ansible Playbook for other uses cases.  Our Shop is very new to Ansible. I have only done a few playbooks that heavily relied on Python Scripts. I have found that running the particular playbooks were very slow and also if anyone does anything else in the Management Server at the time it is running causes the playbook to fail.

Any Help would be Greatly Appreciated.

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Re: Ansible Playbook Config information or Health Check

First of all, since this is an automation/scripting question, let me move this to Developers (Code Hub)‌.

Second, up until fairly recently, most of our APIs were related to security policy management, not necessarily gateway/OS configuration.

That said, we just released new REST APIs for this:

That said, I know we have been working on something with Ansible that leverages this API.

It's not yet publicly available.

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Re: Ansible Playbook Config information or Health Check

Do you have anymore information about working with Ansible that leverages the API's and also instructions for installing the GAIA API package into our Ansible Tower?




Derek Gottwalt

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