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Security events not appear on saas

In the Saas portal does not appear data in the security events, previously we had a demo license and all the security events were deployed, without any when we placed the definitive license and there are no security events. Has anyone had a similar problem?

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Hi Auroa

I havent seen this before. But CG SaaS only traverse few days back in time (7 days?)

Did you setup your Exchange Transport Rule correct with 1. Protect, 2. Whitelist and 3. Junk.

In my question I had a delay in delivering emails. You can check the settings R&D did in below link.

Did you also prepare to go from monitoring to Protect inline?

Best regards


Best Regards

Thank you very much for your help, I could see your recommendations and the rule that would be needed in exchange. I'm going to implement it and I'll tell you the results.

Have a nice day and thank you Smiley Happy

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And, did it help ?