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License not released


I've a client who complain about "lost" licenses, by lost he mean that even if a mailbox is deleted or excluded from the policy , used licenses does not decrease. as far as i know there is an auto update/sync between O365 and SB Cloud which occur every hour just for this kind of changes.

is anyone else have this kind of problem?

I'll be glad to have explanation on how it shoud work and if  there is any plan to make the SB cloud management environment richer with management tools and sync with O365?


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hello Haim Harush a taste,

I apologize, I do not know if it's your help, in the tab of managment -> mailbox status, validate with your client the non-coverage of the account or accounts by licensing.

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Dear Mauricio appreciate your reply. 

That’s exactly the issue. The mailbox status tab shows deleted accounts. 

O365 deleted accounts are still appear as protected in the SB cloud management tab. 

That’s the reason for the increasing licensing.