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Olukayode_Adegb inside CloudGuard IaaS 10 hours ago
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Questions about HA

I have a pair of firewall deployed on Azure and I've setup the HA for the 2 firewalls. However, I have few questions:Under "Network Management", for both eth0 and eth1, the status of the virtual IP is showing as "sync". While I understand the one ...
Usman_Shaikh inside CloudGuard IaaS 12 hours ago
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High number of DNS queries generated by Cloudguard firewalls for microsoft domains

We are seeing high number of DNS requests made by our R80.10 (JHF Take 169) Cloudguard firewalls running FW/URLF/APPI blades to and every second to our DNS server on do not have a domain obj...
Sander_Zumbrink inside CloudGuard IaaS 19 hours ago
views 26 1

Cloudguard HA failover issues Azure (NAT)

Hello,I'm building a HA cluster in Azure. During testing I've noticed issues with the failover.The connection to Azure has been configured and I see the changes happen in the Azure cloud.But I see issue with the public NAT for the VPN tunnel.Norma...
Kamil_Kolo inside CloudGuard IaaS yesterday
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AWS Transit Gateway with Check Point

Hello, I was wondering if an sk article is available for a deployment of CloudGuard Gateway's in an AutoScale Group that will work with AWS's Transit Gateway?
MattDunn inside CloudGuard IaaS Thursday
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Is there a way I can view this video? me at least, it's missing from the page, and the Reply button on...
inside CloudGuard IaaS Thursday
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R80.10 CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure

Most current version of this document will be here: Check Point CloudGuard IaaS High Availability for Microsoft Azure R80.10 Deployment Guide 
Yevgeniy_Luchsh inside CloudGuard IaaS Thursday
views 210 8

R80.20 vSec license disappearing from the gateway

Hello to everybody. Did anybody try to deploy vSec on the R80.20? We have a problem. 1 MNG Server, 2 Gateways (6 Core total, 2 Cores for one GW and 4 Cores for another). When trying install central license, after sever times (30min - several hours...
inside CloudGuard IaaS Thursday
views 2127 4 10

custom-script example for autoprovision of autoscale gateways

This file is to be used as an example for autoscale and VMSS groups that require custom settings on the gateway at provisioning time. These script rely on Check Point API and professional services are usually recommended for complex customizations.
Edson_Adrian_Di inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 11252 24 5

Vsec Cluster in Azure ?? anyone know how to?

Hi CheckMates!, I need to know is someone can help me or lead me in order to setup a HA cluster of checkpoint Vsec on Azure. Following sk110194 doesn't mention nothing about the proper way to configure the cluster HA, just we need t...
Kamil_Kolo inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 55 1

Licensing Models for AWS Auto-Scaling

Hello,Since the recommendation for a Management Server for over 5 gateways is to BYOL, and the recommendation for an Auto-scaling group of CloudGuard Gateways is to PAYG, what would the recommended option be to deploy an environment that consists ...
Kamil_Kolo inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 96 4

AWS Management Server and separate Logging Server

Does AWS support having a separate Management Server and a separate Logging Server? I see that the CFT template only supports R80.10 at the moment, so does that mean that R80.20 is not supported at the moment for having two separate servers, one a...
Mohammed_Omin_B inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 104 8 1

All the Gateways are not being shown in the Reports from SmartEvent

Recently we enabled SmartEvent server, SmartEvent correlation unit, logging and status on the management server. we also configured few reports but we have observed that all the gateways are not being shown in the Reports. we have only 3 HA pairs ...
Sarath_M inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 50 2

CloudGuard Iaas Azure cluster does not work when a reboot is performed

We have a PAYG CheckPoint R80.10 Cluster in Azure. A manual failover by downing the eth1 interface works and the routes and cluster-vip are changed to the active firewall.But when we reboot the active gateway, the failover does not work after wait...
Sarath_M inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 95 4 1

CheckPoint technical support contact for PAYG Azure?

How do we contact CheckPoint support for technical issues if we deploy CheckPoint CloudGuard PAYG IaaS on Microsoft Azure?Do we raise a Microsoft ticket and they in-turn contact CheckPoint?Please let me know the procedure to obtain CheckPoint supp...
inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 6894 26 20

Deploying Auto Scaling CloudGuard gateways in Azure using VM Scale Sets

Hi everyone,This is a step by step guide I created on how to deploy CloudGuard (Vsec) virtual gateways in Azure using virtual machine scale sets in Microsoft Azure. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or contact me directly should you have questi...