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CloudGuard IaaS

CloudGuard IaaS is Check Point's solution for Public Cloud Network Security.

Danish_Javed1 inside CloudGuard IaaS 7 hours ago
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Switching Checkpoint License in AWS

Hello,I have deployed CP instances in AWS Cloud using PAYG licenses... now  i want to switch licensing to BYOL ..Is there a way to switch these licenses without reinstalling the instances ? 
andy_currigan inside CloudGuard IaaS yesterday
views 61 2

Can't access to Cloudguard Gateway

Due a wrong NAT configuration we're not able to connect anymore to our Cloudguard Iaas Cluster.Is there a way to access to the console in order to unload the latest policy installed or is it possible to reboot them without policy installed?Any suggestions?thanks.Andy
Paul_Warnagiris inside CloudGuard IaaS Wednesday
views 2371 4

WaitCondition timed out. Received 0 conditions when expecting 1

Didn't see much on this in the support portal.  This occurs 45-60 minutes after I kick off a cloudformation template for r80.10 management into a pre-existing VPC. Template #6 from sk111013 (top section -- first #6).  Any recommendations on next steps?Physical ID:arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:709709569732:stack/Check-Point-Management/cefceab0-b9aa-11e7-b989-50a686e4bbe3/ReadyHandleClient Request Token:Console-CreateStack-262cdf0a-5109-4f76-ba24-39e5272c7a4a
Sarath_M inside CloudGuard IaaS Wednesday
views 203 2

SmartConsole R80.10 RBAC / Permission profiles

I would like to restrict a user to read & write only the NAME / COMMENTS part of the Access / NAT Rules. Is it possible in SmartConsole R80.10? Rest all should be read-only.
inside CloudGuard IaaS Tuesday
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custom-script example for autoprovision of autoscale gateways

This file is to be used as an example for autoscale and VMSS groups that require custom settings on the gateway at provisioning time. These script rely on Check Point API and professional services are usually recommended for complex customizations.
Chandhrasekar_S inside CloudGuard IaaS Monday
views 4077 6 4

Creating Azure Public IP Ranges as destination object

Team,We would like to create Azure Public IP ranges as destination object in Checkpoint R80.10 vSEC firewallsMicrosoft publishes its IP ranges as XML ( Does anyone have an idea on how to import the .xml file into checkpoint firewalls using REST API or some other meansThanks,Chandru
Wolfgang inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
views 198 3

Filtering interfaces from VM ( VMware vcenter Integration)

Hello CheckMates,I had a question regarding the integration with VMware vcenter. If an imported virtual machine has more then one interface, all of the IP addresses of this VM are learned and traffic regarding these IPs is allowed or blocked.Is it possible to use this imported object and allow only one of the interfaces? If I add a datacenter object I had no chance to filter something like this. The whole object is imported and used with all existing IPs.ThanksWolfgang
Andreas_Ahrnby inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
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CloudGuard for NSX

Hi,im running a few CloudGuard for nsx instances with the latest template (R80.10). Is it possible to update the gateways to get the latest “take” thru CPUSE?Is there any knowledge when a new template with R80.20 or R80.30 will be available? 
vinceneil666 inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
views 253 3

Check Point Scale Sets, licensing

Hi,I am having a hard time on understandig central licesing of scale sets. First off, will I even be able to lab on this using eval lics - or do I need proper lic's ? I got a scale set in Azure and the management is on-prem (r80.30). I create eval lics and attach them to the management, and then run 'vsec_lic_cli' .... But then, nothing, there is no licenses available 'No pools of vSEC licenses.' So that brings me back to the first question - should I be able to lab on this working with eval's ? Or is there some tips n trickes Im missing out on either with the generation of evals ? (i specify azure on hw during eval creation,,,tried other options to) - or with the usage of vsec_lic_cli in general ? ...  I do understand that there will be different pools if there are different contracs, but for me, eval and lab, there is no contracts. Anyone got any pointers ? 🙂 
BKYDCPSC inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 287 5

CloudGuard IaaS ESXi installation

Hi, Simple question really. Can anyone point me to a guide on how you install CloudGuard (private) for ESX? I am lost in how to start this:Where to get the OS fromHow its actually installed I am relatively new to the Check Point Cloud suite - despite playing around with CG in Azure/AWS Market Place. With ESX, obviously there is no marketplace so how does one proceed? Thanks all in advance.
Abhishek_Kumar1 inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 274 2

MGMT server upgradation in China Azure

Hi Allwe are planning to upgrade MGMT R80 to R80.30 on china azure cloud, bt we are not able to find the latest version, could you please share me the china azure deployment process? for Gateway and MGMT as well. RegardsAbhishek  
andy_currigan inside CloudGuard IaaS 3 weeks ago
views 462 6

Cloudguard backend routing problem

We're installing a CloudGuard IaaS High Availability using the latest deployment guide.We experience problem on the internal routing, the internal load balancer, automatically created with the template, seems not to route the traffic to the cloudguard appliance.On the management we do not see any traffic logs but if we configure a cluster ip address on the checkpoint backend network  using the address that should be configured to the backend-lb (.4) suddenly we see the traffic on the management, even the traffic from internet...The routing table assigned to the backend subnets and the routing on the checkpoint are configured as described on the guide. (strange that checkpoint route to a phantomatic .1 address and the internal subnets route to the backend loadbalancer ip .4)Any idea how to debug and solve this problem?ThanksAndy 
Michael_Thompso inside CloudGuard IaaS 3 weeks ago
views 294 1

Enable Monitoring Blade on Cloudguard through API

Hello everyone,I am using the CME service to provision my scaleset and autoscaling group gateways in Azure and AWS respectively . How can I enable the Monitoring Blade on newly provisioned gateways through the CME? I know that if a feature can be configured using set-simple-gateway it should be configurable using the CME service but in this case I don't see an option to enable the Monitoring Blade.  How can I configure this?Thanks
BLD inside CloudGuard IaaS 4 weeks ago
views 424 4

Migrate from AWS vSEC R80.10 to R80.30

We have been using vSEC R80.10 succesfully in AWS. One instance with both gateway and management.We got a notice that it will no longer be supported so we got the new R80.30 AMI from the AWS Marketplace.We activated our licenses but it seems the new AMI does not include the management server. It says in the marketplace description:"This BYOL distributed security gateway is managed from a central Security Management Server, which provides consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting AWS and hybrid deployments within a single pane of glass. The Security Management Server is not included in this offering. Please choose one of the CloudGuard IaaS Security Management offerings in AWS Marketplace."Does this mean we now have to runt TWO EC2 instances instead of one?  This would double operating costs.Any help to clarify this will be greatly appreciated.  
Nicholas_Sherid inside CloudGuard IaaS a month ago
views 1800 10 2

Data Center Object Enforcement in Azure

Hi forum!My management server has been integrated with azure (I set up the data centre server). I can read all the objects in Azure.  (I'm running R80.10 gateway and mgt)I have set up Identity Awareness too.My gateways are not enforcing the rules I have created with datacentre objects! Everything looks perfect on the management server, I can even see the IP addresses dynamically associated with the tags!!I need some help figuring out why the gateways are not enforcing the rules.I have looked all over for this - and I have a case raised, but TAC have gone a bit quiet!Anyone help me with locating the documentation for this?  I have looked everywhere.When I do a "pep show user all" (not sure if this shows output on azure integration) i get nothing on the gateway - whcih makes sense. Are there any logfiles?  I have checked /var/log/messages - nothing!Thanks!