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CloudGuard IaaS

CloudGuard IaaS is Check Point's solution for Public Cloud Network Security.

ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS yesterday
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Cloudguard Autoscaling Ingress URL Filter

Dear Folks,    I have deployed checkpoint Cloudguard in AWS in autoscaling method.    And I have enabled Application Control and URL filtering blades enabled. Since this Cloudgurad deployment design typically for inbound traffic, how should I check my application control and URL filtering are working or not. In the logs I could  not see only logs. Since cloudguard deployment typically for Inbound connections. Is there any specific setting should I make in order to work? Kindly advise.    Basically I just wants a log (because filtering would happen external load balacer(native AWS elb) and see my URLs.
johnnyringo inside CloudGuard IaaS Wednesday
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Deployment failure in GCP - 504 Resource Error, Timeout expired.

We're having zero luck deploying the CheckPoint CloudGuard IaaS R80.30 High Availability in our enterprise GCP account.  In the GCP Deployment Manager, the deployment hangs for 30 minutes, eventually getting this error:{"ResourceType":"runtimeconfig.v1beta1.waiter","ResourceErrorCode":"504","ResourceErrorMessage":"Timeout expired."}I also get the same error if I launch the standalone gateway with External IP requested.  As a work-around, I can set the External IP to "None", watch the deployment succeed, then add it later.I do not have any problems deploying in my personal GCP account, so fairly certain this is a permissions or connectivity issue relating to API calls. 
ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS Tuesday
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Cloudguard AWS TCP Health probing

Dear All,     I have deployed cloudguard auto scaling in AWS; I simply followed AWS-Checkpoint document.      So there's zero touch configuration has been achieved thru tagging the autoprovision template value, automatcially NAT and access polices created in the firewall. Thru which  I migrated some applications up and running fine. All the Ext. and Int. LBs are (application-type) and listeners 443.     Here now, I created a network type lb health probing getting failed for one of a firewall. However I could see the SYN in the firewall, corresponding access/NAT rule in placed. But still failing at firewall.  
ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS Monday
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Cloudguard Gaia Portal login issue

Dear Folks,     I have deployed 2 firewalls in Cloudguard autoscaling method.I can able to login one box with ssh and webgui one firewall, but another fw gw i can able to login ssh but unable to login webgui. Even I tried to reset expert password , but didn't help.Any one came across such issues? Is that know issue and how could fix it.?   Your swift response highly appreciated.  Regards,Ram
inside CloudGuard IaaS Monday
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White Paper - Best Practices and Architecture Recommendations CloudGuard Private IaaS for VMware NSX

This Whitepaper outlines the integration of VMware NSX-T with Check Point CloudGuard to provide Best practices, Use Cases, Architecture diagrams and Zero-Trust approach to enable customers to build the best strategy to Secure Software Defined Data Center according with the business needs.   The Architecture diagrams and different technical topics described in this document taken from VMware, Check Point Software Technologies and different technical Blogs. All information presented in this paper in-order to educate, enable Security and Networking Engineers, Solution Architects and designers who would like to integrate VMware NSX-T and Check Point Software Technologies for advanced security. Readers should be versed in virtualization, network and security design as well Zero- Trust.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
BLD inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
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Migrate from AWS vSEC R80.10 to R80.30

We have been using vSEC R80.10 succesfully in AWS. One instance with both gateway and management.We got a notice that it will no longer be supported so we got the new R80.30 AMI from the AWS Marketplace.We activated our licenses but it seems the new AMI does not include the management server. It says in the marketplace description:"This BYOL distributed security gateway is managed from a central Security Management Server, which provides consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting AWS and hybrid deployments within a single pane of glass. The Security Management Server is not included in this offering. Please choose one of the CloudGuard IaaS Security Management offerings in AWS Marketplace."Does this mean we now have to runt TWO EC2 instances instead of one?  This would double operating costs.Any help to clarify this will be greatly appreciated.  
Javier_Sanchez inside CloudGuard IaaS 4 weeks ago
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NSX-V Redirect issue

 Hi mates, im working on a small nsx environment, previous to a POC on the production environment, the thing is that i have some issues putting the partner services redirection rules to work. I have some servers in 2 security groups, connected via tos logical switches and a nsx edge gw, but the trafic is only reaching the vmware distribute firewalls not the redirect ones. I guess im missing some basic config, but the sk is confussing on not complete at least for my understanding, and mixing that with the nsx complexitiy is making me hitting my head against the wall more than what i would like, any config pieces to check ? Has anyone faced any simillar issues ? Filters on the nsx manager. NSX-Manager> show dfw host host-506 filter nic-77726-eth0-vmware-sfw.2 rulesruleset domain-c481 {# generation number: 1576544216814# realization time : 2019-12-17T00:43:09rule 1003 at 1 inout protocol ipv6-icmp icmptype 136 from any to any accept;rule 1003 at 2 inout protocol ipv6-icmp icmptype 135 from any to any accept;rule 1002 at 3 inout protocol udp from any to any port 67 accept;rule 1002 at 4 inout protocol udp from any to any port 68 accept;rule 1001 at 5 inout protocol any from any to any drop;}ruleset domain-c481_L2 {# generation number: 1576544216814# realization time : 2019-12-17T00:43:09rule 1004 at 1 inout ethertype any stateless from any to any accept;}Filters specific to partner services, punt action as all the vms are under the same ESX,NSX-Manager> show dfw host host-506 filter nic-77726-eth0-serviceinstance-5.4 rulesruleset 1745 {# generation number: 0# realization time : 2019-12-17T00:43:10rule 1777 at 1 inout protocol any from addrset ip-securitygroup-19 to any punt with log;rule 1775 at 2 inout protocol any from any to addrset ip-securitygroup-19 punt with log;}ruleset 1745_L2 {# generation number: 0# realization time : 2019-12-17T00:43:10}Regards
inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-16
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Deploying Auto Scaling CloudGuard gateways in Azure using VM Scale Sets

Hi everyone, This is a step by step guide I created on how to deploy CloudGuard (Vsec) virtual gateways in Azure using virtual machine scale sets in Microsoft Azure. Feel free to comment, leave feedback or contact me directly should you have questions.    For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
andy_currigan inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-16
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Cloudguard backend routing problem

We're installing a CloudGuard IaaS High Availability using the latest deployment guide.We experience problem on the internal routing, the internal load balancer, automatically created with the template, seems not to route the traffic to the cloudguard appliance.On the management we do not see any traffic logs but if we configure a cluster ip address on the checkpoint backend network  using the address that should be configured to the backend-lb (.4) suddenly we see the traffic on the management, even the traffic from internet...The routing table assigned to the backend subnets and the routing on the checkpoint are configured as described on the guide. (strange that checkpoint route to a phantomatic .1 address and the internal subnets route to the backend loadbalancer ip .4)Any idea how to debug and solve this problem?ThanksAndy 
Jose_Rivera inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-13
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AWS Migrate from Transit VPC to Transit GW - new or existing CME controller?

We are currently using the AWS Transit VPC solution as documented on the CheckPoint support site.We will be migrating to the AWS Transit GW solution and have reviewed both the Checkpoint deployment guide and sk153473.The one item we would like a recommendation on, is if we should configure a "new" AWS controller or if it is better to just add templates to the "existing" controller (both configured via autoprov-cfg) To provide our options command wise:autoprov-cfg add controller AWS -cn <NEW_CONTROLLER> ......-or-autoprov-cfg set controller AWS -cn <EXISTING_CONTROLLER> -ct <new_TGW_template> .... Thanks.
Neil_ARZ inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-13
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Cloudguard Iaas vsec gateway sizing , estimated capacity. Google Cloud Platform

Hello Checkmates, I am trying to find a data sheet or a document with regards Checkpoint vsec gateway sizing or estimated capacity.I want to know how much load the current gateways we are running right now with 4 VCPU Cores with 32 Gb Ram.Its on the Google cloud platformAppreciate if anyone can enlighten me  . Thanks    
Danish_Javed1 inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-10
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Switching Checkpoint License in AWS

Hello,I have deployed CP instances in AWS Cloud using PAYG licenses... now  i want to switch licensing to BYOL ..Is there a way to switch these licenses without reinstalling the instances ? 
andy_currigan inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-05
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Can't access to Cloudguard Gateway

Due a wrong NAT configuration we're not able to connect anymore to our Cloudguard Iaas Cluster.Is there a way to access to the console in order to unload the latest policy installed or is it possible to reboot them without policy installed?Any suggestions?thanks.Andy
Paul_Warnagiris inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-04
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WaitCondition timed out. Received 0 conditions when expecting 1

Didn't see much on this in the support portal.  This occurs 45-60 minutes after I kick off a cloudformation template for r80.10 management into a pre-existing VPC. Template #6 from sk111013 (top section -- first #6).  Any recommendations on next steps?Physical ID:arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:709709569732:stack/Check-Point-Management/cefceab0-b9aa-11e7-b989-50a686e4bbe3/ReadyHandleClient Request Token:Console-CreateStack-262cdf0a-5109-4f76-ba24-39e5272c7a4a
Sarath_M inside CloudGuard IaaS 2019-12-04
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SmartConsole R80.10 RBAC / Permission profiles

I would like to restrict a user to read & write only the NAME / COMMENTS part of the Access / NAT Rules. Is it possible in SmartConsole R80.10? Rest all should be read-only.