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CheckPoint CloudGuard Support for NSX-T 2.4

Hello All- 

I am looking for the Cloud Guard Support for NSX-T. Below are my requirements in specific.

  • Does Check Point officially supports Cloud Guard with NSX-T version 2.4, I know it supports as Service Insertion at the Edge(sk139213) with version 2.3. However it says later version also supported but couldn't get any documented affirmation.  I also see the CP partnership with NSX-T 2.4 from VMware site and through an announcement published in Check Pont Blog


  • Also with NSX-T does CheckPoint CloudGarud support service insertion & inspection for East-West, Micro segmentation traffic.


  • If it supported, where could I find supported documentation. Else, Is there any official announcement for EA, GA release dates for the NSX-T 2.4 version

Thanks in Advance!!!


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Re: CheckPoint CloudGuard Support for NSX-T 2.4

The SK you reference says version 2.3 or newer is supported and should support microsegmentation:
I have not heard anything to suggest otherwise.
While not familiar with the specifics, I assume the SK has everything you need.
If it doesn't please clarify what is missing.
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Re: CheckPoint CloudGuard Support for NSX-T 2.4

The sk139213 is now updated for East-West Micro segmentation using Service function Chaining.
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