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Dome9 course/exercises/training

Dear (check)mates,


At CPX360 I saw a first (little) demo of Dome9, which is a magnificent piece of technology.

However, I'm looking for a course, exercises or training about it, I would like to know more about.

Does something like this exist already? Or is this coming in the near future?


Will Dome9 integrations be done by Partners? Or is it at this point only with Check Point Professional Services?


Thanks in advance!


Kind regards,



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Re: Dome9 course/exercises/training

I don't think there is anything inherent in the Dome9 technology that limits it to Check Point Professional Services, beyond education.
There is some information here, which I don't believe requires a special login:
As far as formal education (e.g. CCSA/E style stuff), I believe that is still in the works.
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Re: Dome9 course/exercises/training

Thank you for your feedback! 🙂

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