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Covering Check Point's Cloud Security Solutions. See also our SD-WAN Solutions space.

ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS 9 hours ago
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Cloudguard Autoscaling Ingress URL Filter

Dear Folks,    I have deployed checkpoint Cloudguard in AWS in autoscaling method.    And I have enabled Application Control and URL filtering blades enabled. Since this Cloudgurad deployment design typically for inbound traffic, how should I check my application control and URL filtering are working or not. In the logs I could  not see only logs. Since cloudguard deployment typically for Inbound connections. Is there any specific setting should I make in order to work? Kindly advise.    Basically I just wants a log (because filtering would happen external load balacer(native AWS elb) and see my URLs.
johnnyringo inside CloudGuard IaaS yesterday
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Deployment failure in GCP - 504 Resource Error, Timeout expired.

We're having zero luck deploying the CheckPoint CloudGuard IaaS R80.30 High Availability in our enterprise GCP account.  In the GCP Deployment Manager, the deployment hangs for 30 minutes, eventually getting this error:{"ResourceType":"runtimeconfig.v1beta1.waiter","ResourceErrorCode":"504","ResourceErrorMessage":"Timeout expired."}I also get the same error if I launch the standalone gateway with External IP requested.  As a work-around, I can set the External IP to "None", watch the deployment succeed, then add it later.I do not have any problems deploying in my personal GCP account, so fairly certain this is a permissions or connectivity issue relating to API calls. 
ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS Tuesday
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Cloudguard AWS TCP Health probing

Dear All,     I have deployed cloudguard auto scaling in AWS; I simply followed AWS-Checkpoint document.      So there's zero touch configuration has been achieved thru tagging the autoprovision template value, automatcially NAT and access polices created in the firewall. Thru which  I migrated some applications up and running fine. All the Ext. and Int. LBs are (application-type) and listeners 443.     Here now, I created a network type lb health probing getting failed for one of a firewall. However I could see the SYN in the firewall, corresponding access/NAT rule in placed. But still failing at firewall.  
ramakrishnan inside CloudGuard IaaS Monday
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Cloudguard Gaia Portal login issue

Dear Folks,     I have deployed 2 firewalls in Cloudguard autoscaling method.I can able to login one box with ssh and webgui one firewall, but another fw gw i can able to login ssh but unable to login webgui. Even I tried to reset expert password , but didn't help.Any one came across such issues? Is that know issue and how could fix it.?   Your swift response highly appreciated.  Regards,Ram

Encrypt Amazon RDS instances and snapshots at rest

Amazon RDS encrypted DB instances use the industry-standard AES-256 encryption algorithm to encrypt your data on the server that hosts your Amazon RDS DB instances. After your data is encrypted, Amazon RDS handles authentication of access and decryption of your data transparently with a minimal impact on performance. You don't need to modify your database client applications to use encryption.   Enabling the encryption option for your Amazon RDS DB instances is one click away   With CloudGuard Dome9 GSL tool, you can run a simple query and know in few seconds if you have in any of the AWS regions an unencrypted RDS DB RDS should have isStorageEncrypted = 'true' and kmsKeyId
inside CloudGuard IaaS Monday
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White Paper - Best Practices and Architecture Recommendations CloudGuard Private IaaS for VMware NSX

This Whitepaper outlines the integration of VMware NSX-T with Check Point CloudGuard to provide Best practices, Use Cases, Architecture diagrams and Zero-Trust approach to enable customers to build the best strategy to Secure Software Defined Data Center according with the business needs.   The Architecture diagrams and different technical topics described in this document taken from VMware, Check Point Software Technologies and different technical Blogs. All information presented in this paper in-order to educate, enable Security and Networking Engineers, Solution Architects and designers who would like to integrate VMware NSX-T and Check Point Software Technologies for advanced security. Readers should be versed in virtualization, network and security design as well Zero- Trust.   For the full list of White Papers, go here. 
Blason_R inside CloudGuard SaaS Sunday
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How to identify my portal name to start journal rule?

Hi there,I am partner of Check Point and activated CG SAAS however everything went fine but wondering what would be my portal name so that journaling rule will be set?Thanks and Regards,blason R
inside CloudGuard Dome9 Saturday
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Dome9 posture management for Kubernetes- now with Helm!

As many of you already know, we announced support for k8s Posture Management back in re:Invent.   K8s support in CloudGuard Dome9 :   I'm happy to announce that we have now added Helm charts for an enhanced more streamlined onboarding experience.   If you wish to see a demo for this and other related and exciting solutions, come visit us at CPX in the Containers and Serverless Workloads tech table!   If you have any questions, suggestions or requests, please feel free to reach out to me!  Yonatan 
BLD inside CloudGuard IaaS Friday
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Migrate from AWS vSEC R80.10 to R80.30

We have been using vSEC R80.10 succesfully in AWS. One instance with both gateway and management.We got a notice that it will no longer be supported so we got the new R80.30 AMI from the AWS Marketplace.We activated our licenses but it seems the new AMI does not include the management server. It says in the marketplace description:"This BYOL distributed security gateway is managed from a central Security Management Server, which provides consistent security policy management, enforcement, and reporting AWS and hybrid deployments within a single pane of glass. The Security Management Server is not included in this offering. Please choose one of the CloudGuard IaaS Security Management offerings in AWS Marketplace."Does this mean we now have to runt TWO EC2 instances instead of one?  This would double operating costs.Any help to clarify this will be greatly appreciated.  
inside CloudGuard Dome9 a week ago
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New CloudGuard Dome9 Feature: Granular onboarding permission

Dome9 now allows to assign a granular permission for onboarding Cloud accounts to Users and Roles. The permission allows customers to create a dedicated, security tightened Dome9 roles (and users) that would be limited to onboarding cloud accounts. If not allowed to access other resources, these roles would not be able to view or manage any information other than the account they onboarded. A typical use case for using the new permission is allowing a DevOps team to onboard newly created cloud accounts (as part of the CI/CD pipeline) to Dome9. In some cases the security team would not allow the DevOps team to view security and compliance related information in Dome9. With the new permission it is possible to restrict the role to onboard cloud accounts.
Roberto_Panta inside CloudGuard SaaS 2 weeks ago
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Reports in CloudGuard SaaS

I have enabled CGS with Office365, I want to know, how to export reports to pdf or other format?
Danny inside CloudGuard SaaS 3 weeks ago
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CloudGuard Connect Demo with Raspberry Pi

@Stuart_Green1 has developed a CloudGuard Connect Demo for Raspberry Pi. Thanks, mate!
Martins inside CloudGuard Dome9 3 weeks ago
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Dome9 trial

Hi,Someone could give in details the Dome9 trial especifications?What's possible to do in a trial? (Ex: Number of compliance Check)Thanks 
vinceneil666 inside CloudGuard Dome9 3 weeks ago
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Dome9 Licenses

I had a trial for Dome9 running, it expired. Now I have bought a proper license - but I am unable to attach it or activate it anywhere ? (i tried the bui9lt in chat, but have got no reply for 3 weeks)Anyone have a tip ? --  I considered deleting my trial account, and the re create it, hoping it would ask for a lic key or something - but there anre no "delete my account" function either ? 🙂 
inside CloudGuard Dome9 3 weeks ago
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New CloudGuard Dome9 Feature: Compliance with Organizational Unit Policy

CloudGuard Dome9's Compliance Policy now allows users to associate a compliance ruleset with Organizational Units (OU). When adding a new policy, you can select whether it is associated with Cloud Accounts or with Organizational Units. When a policy is associated with Organizational Units, CloudGuard Dome9 continuously assesses the Organizational Units in your compliance policies, with the rulesets you have selected, and notifies you of rules that failed using the notification policy you have selected. The policy aggregates all of the Cloud accounts' findings which are grouped under the same OU, per platform. When a new Cloud account is onboarded and associated with an OU, it is automatically included in the Compliance Policy per that OU.
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