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Blason_R inside CloudGuard IaaS 3 hours ago
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Site-Site Tunnel between Azure Gateway and On-prem CP Gateway

Hi Team, Curious to know if Azure GW can be managed trough On-prem Management server? I guess it should because eventually it would speak with gateway on CP Ports. As well as can we configure Tunnel between Azure & On-prem CP again managed with Onprem Management server? Or is it better to have Separate Mgmt server on Azure?
Martin_Valenta inside CloudGuard IaaS 9 hours ago
views 15

autoprovision on domain with already existing gateways

Trying to enable autoprovision on one domain, but this domain is having already some gateways in it. I've configured it and all is failing on API calls like this:File "/opt/CPsuite-R80.20/fw1/scripts/autoprovision/", line 1888, in __call__2019-05-24 07:27:14,130 MONITOR INFO raise Exception('failed API call: %s%s' % (command, msg))2019-05-24 07:27:14,131 MONITOR INFO Exception: failed API call: show-simple-gateway: Requested object [xxx] not found I didn't found any documentation, that this cannot be done..also waiting on TAC response..
Tiago_Sousa inside CloudGuard IaaS yesterday
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AWS price increase

Any idea of why there was such price increases on aws:Thank you for subscribing to "CloudGuard IaaS R80.20 Security Gateway - NGTP PAYG".We are writing to notify you that Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. has increased the hourly pricing on the following instance types for "CloudGuard IaaS R80.20 Security Gateway - NGTP PAYG".c5.9xlarge - Previous: 1.89 / New: 6.0c5.large - Previous: 0.69 / New: 0.75c5.4xlarge - Previous: 1.39 / New: 2.8c5.18xlarge - Previous: 1.89 / New: 11.5c5.2xlarge - Previous: 1.08 / New: 1.4Thank you for subscribing to "CloudGuard IaaS Security Management".We are writing to notify you that Check Point Software Technologies, Inc. has increased the hourly pricing on the following instance types for "CloudGuard IaaS Security Management".m5.12xlarge - Previous: 0.49 / New: 1.4m5.4xlarge - Previous: 0.49 / New: 1.4m5.24xlarge - Previous: 0.49 / New: 1.4
raulem inside CloudGuard SaaS Monday
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Performance Problem OneDrive

We have been testing CLOUDGUARD SAAS for a week now. In this youtube video the detection of viruses in onedrive is immediate. During our tests, the system takes a week to find the new viruses. (Tested with question is the test version limited?
mohit7812tyagi inside CloudGuard IaaS Sunday
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what is pre-request to implement checkpoint firewall to azure

Hi Team,I need to know is there any additional subscription is required to implement the checkpoint firewall and what is pre-request to implement checkpoint firewall to azure cloud, please referred me related document link,
Poh_Seng_Anthon inside CloudGuard IaaS Friday
views 37 1

Trial license for IaaS Private Cloud openstack?

Hi All May i know where can i get a trial license for IaaS Private Cloud for OpenStack?? can i get the eval license from the portal? regardsAnthony
Roy_Smith inside CloudGuard SaaS a week ago
views 81 3

Is EMS License required?

HiWe are looking to start making the move to Office365 but need to make sure we don't compromise security.We currently have a mix of MS E3 and F1 Office365 licenses. For additional security, we would need to purchase EMS licenses as well. However, if we went down the Cloudguard SAAS route, would we still require the MS EMS licenses?If not, what features would we lose? And if we do need EMS as well, what does EMS provide that SAAS does not?Thanks in advanceRoy
Atif_Saeed inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
views 149 2 1

Looking for a Azure upgrade process for Security Management Server/Gateways

Looking for a Azure cloud upgrade process for Security Management Server/Gateway cluster from R77.30 to R80.20.
inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
views 356 4 2

How does CloudGuard controller makes your life easier?

The first Check Point cloud controller connector was released around 2 years ago to transform the way we consume objects in security policies and opening a revolutionary new security model for designing and operating policies with an automated and zero-touch approach that helps security practitioners focusing on analyzing security events and improving security postures and designs instead of performing basic operational tasks. Since that first release a number of new features and connectors have been added so that almost any organization today can leverage this functionality (for free by the way). In the past months I have met a number of customers sharing with me different use cases enjoying this function in multiple ways to improve their day to day security challenges. I realized it could be very interesting for the community to share how each setup is leveraging CloudGuard Controller so I invite you to share your use case in this thread explaining how the organization you work with enjoys this function. I will start by sharing the policy I use as an example on how to leverage it: The example above protects a hybrid infrastructure with on-prem, azure and aws environments where each and every asset has been previously tagged according to the security needs. Any new application that is for instance ruled by PCI requirements only needs to be use the "PCI" tag in order to be automatically added with the right access and protection without modifying or reinstalling the policy above. What is your use case?
dantsec inside CloudGuard IaaS a week ago
views 59 1

CheckMe Cloud Security Assessment

Has anyone ever used CheckMe for Cloud? Is it possible to check most vulnerabilities? Is the report clear and objective?Does anyone have a report that can be shared? Is there any laboratory environment for demonstration?
Sean_Van_Loon inside CloudGuard-Dome9 a week ago
views 96 2

Dome9 course/exercises/training

Dear (check)mates, At CPX360 I saw a first (little) demo of Dome9, which is a magnificent piece of technology.However, I'm looking for a course, exercises or training about it, I would like to know more about.Does something like this exist already? Or is this coming in the near future? Will Dome9 integrations be done by Partners? Or is it at this point only with Check Point Professional Services? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Sean
inside CloudGuard SaaS a week ago
views 55 2

White Paper - SandBlast Cloud Office 365 to CloudGuard SaaS for Office 365 Migration

Author @Eugene_Tcheby Abstract: This document’s objective is to help customers with accessing CG SaaS portal, and setting up their SaaS application(s) (Office 365 emails in this case) and policy to match current SB Cloud policy, before full migration from Sandblast Cloud portal to CG SaaS.
Daniel_Snyder inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 269 5 1

Azure Scale Set Gateways Disappeared from Policy

We have deployed Azure Cloudguard Scale Set and have an interesting issue where our gateways are no longer present in the console. I looked at the auto-provision log and all I can see is the gateways are stuck in 'INITIALIZING' state. I know if I re-image them they will come back online but that also requires a slight rebuild of the gateway. Has anyone dealt with this and know how to reconnect the gateway to the manager without the redeploy?Failed scale set log entries during gateway sync:2019-01-24 21:22:36,179 MONITOR INFO {firewall #1}: INITIALIZING2019-01-24 21:22:36,203 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2}: INITIALIZINGOur working scale set looks like the following in the same log during gateway sync:2019-01-24 21:22:36,203 MONITOR INFO updating: {firewall #1} 2019-01-24 21:22:36,204 MONITOR INFO {firewall #1}: COMPLETE2019-01-24 21:22:36,204 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2} 2019-01-24 21:22:36,256 MONITOR INFO {firewall #2} : COMPLETENo issues with the auto-provision connectivity in general and no changes on our Azure side. These gateways were in my console at one point and then just disappeared and can't seem to find out why and a way to get them back in without a redeploy. Thanks in advance!** UPDATE **Looks like during a gateway sync the instances in the scale set could not be found (even though they existed and still do) and were deleted from the manager. However the firewalls still function but I am unable to manage them or push policy to them. Not sure how to get them back in to the policy without doing a re-image?
inside CloudGuard SaaS 2 weeks ago
views 51 1

White Paper - Azure Service Principal Configuration

Author Adam Lasser @Adam_Lasser Abstract: When using Check Point solutions in Microsoft Azure, certain permissions are required for many operations. Cluster deployments require API access to make network level changes, Scale Set deployments have to launch or terminate virtual machines and CloudGuard Controller needs to read dynamic information from the environment for proper policy operations. The procedure below covers how to create an Azure active directory application and service principal to use with Check Point deployments in Azure.
Dawei_Ye inside CloudGuard IaaS 2 weeks ago
views 52 3

Have you guys deployed IPv6 gateways in AWS yet?

I am preparing to deploy GWs and SMS in AWS with IPv6 in China region. I used to use cloudformation to fulfilled this task with IPv4.But I didn't know if it work with IPv6. And are there any other tips or limitations in IPv6 in AWS? Regards,Dawei Ye

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