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Cloud Security

Covering Check Point's Cloud Security Solutions. See also our SD-WAN Solutions space.

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CloudGuard SaaS

<p>CloudGuard SaaS is Check Point's <a href="" target="_blank">SaaS Security</a> solution. This space also includes discussion related to our legacy SandBlast Cloud for Office 365 solution. </p>

Cloud Network Security (IaaS)

<p>CloudGuard IaaS is Check Point's solution for <a href="" target="_blank">Public Cloud Network Security</a>.</p>

Cloud Security Posture Management (Dome9)

<p>CloudGuard Dome9 is Check Point's <a href="" target="_blank">Cloud Security Posture Management</a> solution.</p>

Secure Cloud Access (SD-WAN/CloudGuard Connect)

<p>This space covers Check Point's solutions for <a href="" target="_blank">Branch Cloud Security</a> (CloudGuard Connect), <a href="" target="_blank">Branch Virtual Gateway</a> (CloudGuard Edge), and Capsule Connect.</p>

Cloud Security Posture Advisory

Cloud Security Posture Advisory board is dedicate to <a href="">Cloud Security Posture Repository (CSPR)</a>. CSPR is a shared security and compliance knowledge platform for AWS, Azure and GCP. It provides an evolving set of security and compliance best practices, curated and developed by Check Point Cloudguard Dome9 team.

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