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Employee Alumnus
Employee Alumnus

CloudGuard Dome9 integration with Slack

CloudGuard Dome9 can now be configured to send summary reports of alerts to a Slack channel.

With this integration, you can send a summary report of  Dome9 alerts for posture management issues to a Slack instance. You can configure the integration to send summaries to a specific Slack channel (e.g., #dome9alerts), or configure it to send them to different channels, according to account, ruleset, or other parameters.

Reports are sent to Slack immediately after the assessment is run.

On  Dome9, you configure  the integration with Slack as a Notification Policy,  which you can then  associate with  Compliance Policies. These perform compliance assessments on selected cloud accounts and send results according to the  Notification Policy, in this case to Slack.

Here is an example of a report on a Slack channel. Notice the summary, followed by a breakdown of the issues by Severity. There are also links to a detailed report and the original alerts (on Dome9).   



The Detailed Report (in Dome9) shows more statistics  for the  assessment, as well as a  list of all alerts:






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