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CloudBots new version and Azure support released

Hi all, 

We've just released a new version of CloudBots, CloudBots is an automatic remediation solution for public cloud platforms (AWS and Azure). 

  • An open source project
  • Deployed in your cloud environment
  • Powered and curated by Check Point CloudGuard Dome9
  • Ensures your cloud environment is protected

So getting started is easy and info is here 

"Ideas are worthless without execution."
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I'm no programmer, just a simple network tech, so if you please 🙂 .. 




  1. Clone the CloudBots Azure code from Github

  2. Navigate to the locally cloned CloudBots directory and run the following command: func init --docker

  3. Select Python.


How ? What ? Where ? 🙂  .. Is this something I need to do within azure portal? powershell ? Any tips would be excelent.

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