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vsec controller status on standby machine (partial data)

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We are using an R80.40 Management in HA. There is a vSec Integration (for datacenter obects) implemented. This is where the management gets the objects dynamically from the vCenter and sends these data center objects to the gateways.

On the primary management I can se this status:

vSEC Controller Status: on, Number of imported Data Center Objects: 100

At the same time I can see on the standby management system:

vsec controller status on, standby machine (partial data), Number of imported Data Center Objects: 85

This does not change over time. On both machines I can see the vCenter status "connected".

Is this normal? What will happen if primary management fails? Will we only have 85 DC objects?

Unfortunately I was not able to find any sk or documentation for vSEC controller redundancy. Any hints?


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