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vSec/CloudGuard R80.10 failing to handle multiple vmnet3 interfaces?

HI Gents,

First question ever, so be gentle

I have an issue with the vSec R80.10 firewall running as a traditional VM in vmware environment (no AWS/Azure here). If I use only the default 4x vmnet3 interfaces from the OVA, all works fine, but as I start adding more vmnet3 interfaces up to the maximum (of vmware) of 10, definitelly some of them fail to work. In "ethtool ethX" you will get that the ehternet speed negotiation failed and they are not sending/recieving packets. 

This is weird as if I replace them with the much older E1000 interfaces, everything works fine. But these are much slower in production deployment. 

Any ideas ? I found some openbsd kernel bug reports of something similar happening to certain freebsd kernels from this year, nothing for linux kernels but at least a minor pointer that this might be related the the gaia linux baseline ? 

I tried on two separate ESX boxes, but both 6.5 as we are using this one everywhere. Anyone else double-checking for me before I go bother support would be welcomed. 


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